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Interview With Jerk Gustafsson Executive Producer At Machine Games

For those who are unaware of Jerk Gustafsson he is the executive producer at machine games. And has overseen all of latest Wolfenstien games that’s been released. He also plays a big part in the game designs too.

The inspiration behind the idea of creating this what if the nazis had won the war, was to add all sorts of elements into the game. “We wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to add some more fantastic elements into game. So the main reason for taking alternate history when the nazis won the war was to be able to add both fantastic elements like lasers and robot” said Gustafsson.

When the game had first relased they’re had been a surge of neo-nazi beleifs all around. That was something that had gotten to him and his team, but that still didn’t stop them from continuing there work. “The nazis are the antagonist the enemies they are portraying the evils of the world. So of course we have to treat it with it serously” said Gustafsson. They’re well aware of the sensitive topic of nazis so Gustafsson and his team make sure they don’t promote any kind of harmful beliefs. But they still plan on staying true to the core of the game that being fighting hitler and the nazis.

Gustafsson is aware that when putting nazis in a game, it automatically makes it political. But making any kind of political agenda is never how there goal. One thing the game is great at is showcasing all sorts of different people that come together to stop the Nazis no matter the cost. “The reason for the different nationallys and different type of people  is that we want to show that everyone is getting together to fight this nazi oppression.” said ustafsson A message that is showcased is that we as a human race and do anything if we all come together.

Creatively is something they do not lack at machine games whatsoever. In the game you do go to space and fight space nazis! “When we decided to do the moon that was actually something we decided very early on. To go crazy and that’s something we did with the alternate history.” said Gustafsson. He then goes on to explain the big reason why the top nazis live in space is because no one can touch them up there.

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When asked if they have a new Wolfenstien in the projects, Gustafsson explained how they have a lot of plans in the future and didn’t want to talk about it. So maybe we might be getting a new one somewhere down the line.

The reason for adding co-op wasn’t really planned. “We didn’t plan for that when we decided anya was going to bear twins. But when we decided that lets try to do something new.” Gustafsson then goes on to say “After 20 years we basically have single player story driven games with male heroes. We have always basically done the same type of game” said Gustafsson. They were wanting to try something completely new that they haven’t done before.

Having two females protagonist in Young Blood wasn’t something that was really planned. The idea wasn’t set in stone whatsoever it just so happened that this fits the story best. “If we had decided when we started New Colossus that anya would be having twin boys then we would have two boys in the game” said Gustafsson. But Gustafsson  is thrilled that they choose to have two females as the lead in the game. “I’m super happy that we did they are of course still Blazkowicz they are still these really kick ass nazi killers and they have learned from the very best of course.” said Gustafsson.

Gustafsson went on to explain more on his excitement for taking this route. “I’m very happy not only that we did co-op but I’m also very happy that we did choose to go the route of using Jes and Soph. Because I think we have some really strong female power in the game. That is powerful in itself.” said Gustafsson.

One noticeable change about YoungBlood is that they’ve introduced a level system. For both you and the enemies and depending on what level you are as opposed to the enemy will affect your fight. Gustafsson had this to say about that “To make sure you can play this game for a long period of time.”

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