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Check out the New Sailor Moon Attraction at Universal Studios Japan!

It was back in 2018 when Universal Studios Japan opened the first Sailor Moon attraction. The merchandise that they have been putting out for the ride have been nothing less than a collectors dream and the ride itself is breathtaking. They have put out a new promo that will absolutely stun you and you can see it here.

First when you take a look at Usagi in the dress you will recognize that the dress is actually from the first season. It is from a dress that she wears when she dances with Tuxedo Mask, though it looks like they adapted that story to fit in all the scouts as well.

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The official description for the ride is this:

“After sensing an unsettling energy from Universal Studios Japan, Usagi Tsukino and the other Sailor Soldiers, along with Luna and Artemis, infiltrate the park to investigate. At the 4-D Cinema Theater where we’re currently playing their movie, they find that the source of the dark premonition is a monster that is stealing the park visitors’ energy! Fighting against the unspeakable power gathered by this monster, the Sailor Soldiers quickly find themselves in a bind. They need your help to face the danger. Place your trust in them. The battle starts now…”

In the video you see a part where Chibi Moon wants you all to make a heart sign with your hands. And then you send your love power to help the scouts defeat a disco ball villain. I think one of the most appealing things about this ride is that where they appear to be fighting the monster looks exactly like a recreation of the Moon Kingdom. Which is a place that I know every little girl and boy who loved Sailor Moon wished they could visit.

And talking about the merchandise before they are selling a Universal Studios Japan Doll of Super Sailor Moon that is just so beautiful. They haven’t released any dolls since they rebooted the franchise and even then they were really only sold in Italy. There were those and the expensive Pulips, but these look gorgeous and affordable. Now I just have to get someone who is going to Japan to pick me up one.

Image Credit: @SailorChan

What do you think about the new Sailor Moon attraction? Does it make you want to take a trip to Japan? Tell us in the comments!

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