It’s only a matter of time before we see even more of our favorite characters die. A running theme for “Game of Thrones” is death and while we know not to get attached it’s hard. We have been with these people for eight seasons now and whether we like it or not our pick for the iron throne could be offed at any second. Nerd Up is here to save the day however with its newest product that will have you in a much better place by the time the inevitable happens.

This beautiful dark wood box contains two frosted blue shot glasses. The hinge on the top is plyable and you can present your Thrones watching companion with the gift of booze in a classy and refined manner. This set will bring out your inner Tyrion and allow you to “Drink and know things” too.

You can purchase yours right now for $40.00 plus S&H. Why not try your hand, at “the Hands” favorite coping mechanism.