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Detective Pikachu Toys Will be Released Next Week!

Get ready for some real hype! At least I know there will be in my household. Toys for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie will be released by retailers starting next week!

During the Toy Fair this year in New York they showcased a ton of new figures and plushies. One of the ones people are most looking forward to is the talking Pikachu stuffed animal that sounds like regular Pikachu but also has the voice of Ryan Reynolds.

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You can see all the new toys in a video up on YouTube by Kohdok who went to the toy fair. In the video you can see everything and they tell us that Pokemon has actually made more money selling products and merch in 22 years than Star Wars has in it’s lifetime. That’s an insane amount! And that number is sure to go up next week as fans of the series clamor to stores to try and catch all the new toys.

Detective Pikachu comes to theaters May 10th.

Are you excited for the new Pokemon toys? Tell us in the comments!

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