Tips on Taking Cosplay Props to Cons

Many cosplays and costumes require props for the cosplay to come fully together. These props can be anything from a Jedi Knight Lightsaber to an Elven bow. Whatever your prop maybe here are six tips that will help you navigate the convention with a prop.

1. Bring what you need to repair it.

When you go the convention make sure you pack all that you may need to repair your prop in case tragedy happens and it breaks or falls apart. The wear and tear of a prop throughout a convention can cause it to snap apart rip or tear so make sure your bring extra screws, glue or tape. Many but not all conventions of a costume repair station

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2. Size matters when it comes to props.

When walking around a convention center all day it. It can become a little difficult when you are carrying something really large or bulky so make sure you are willing to carry that all day. A conventions exhibit hall and lobby can become very tightly packed this can make movement difficult so be aware of the size of your prop as you move around.

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3. Weight Will Also Be Very Important.

When making a prop that is essential to your costume I suggest making it as lightweight as possible. Due to the fact to that, you will be carrying it all day long. So even putting it down or picking it up again can become exhausting at the end of the day. If you are carrying or using a heavyier prop or accesory make sure to take breaks throughout the day so that it doesn’t become unbearable.

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4. Know Your Pose

Wielding your prop can be a key element to cosplaying. It needs to be an extension of your self. You need to understand how to hold it and pose with it. I suggest finding two or three different poses that you like. It will make taking pictures a lot easier and a lot more fun. It will also make your pictures come out a lot better knowing how to pose in these cases.

5. Make sure it is sturdy

You will be moving around a lot and running around all day. If the prop isn’t sturdy it will fall apart. So make sure that it can handle all of that activity. Nobody wants there prop to break. Sometimes if your prop isn’t made of sturdy stuff the lightest of bumps can cause it to break apart.

6. Before you go to the con make sure the prop is allowed

At a lot of cons, these days have been banning certain props. Sometimes its anything that looks like a weapon so no swords or fake firearms. Sometimes you can’t have any metal. So make sure your prop is allowed. Before they try and confiscate your prop or you have to go all the way back to the car

Example taken from part of Anime Expo’s Prop Policy Page
Make sure you check the conventions Policy Page for more information!

7. Have fun.

The most important tip is to always to have fun. Props make the convention more fun because it allows another way to interact with your cosplay and with other cosplayers. So enjoy your prop.

Props are wonderful and can really be that last final touch on a cosplay so make sure it is strong, you can fix it and it doesn’t tire you out from using it,