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Fortnite Season 7 Is A Winter Wonderland

The highly anticipated Season 7 is finally here and it’s full of new and exciting content! For the last few days near the end of last season they’ve been teasing something new. With snow falling at spawn island and even Epic teasing posters on social media. It was no secret from Season 7’s start it would have something to do with Christmas. Bringing along with it lots of gifts for us.

The most noticeable change is this giant winter part of the map that’s been added. Taking up a little less than half of the map.

Photo credit: Luis Gutierrez

Inside the snow there are a ton of new things to do with a few new locations to land at. Some places looking like something straight out of a Christmas movie.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

While others are pointing to something a little more darker. Maybe to help push the story line for season 7. We won’t know for sure the meaning of everything added in the game right away.

Even with all the new changes in the map there are some things that were simply destroyed like Greasy. Now what once was Greasy is now nothing, it got completely flooded and is covered with ice.You can go into some buildings and see the ice covering a lot of things which is pretty to look at.

Probably one of the best things they’ve added this season were airplanes! You can find a good number of them in the snow part of the map and have the whole squad right on them with you. It’s a super fast way to get from A to B and you even have some pretty fun dogfights on them.

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Photo credit: Luis Gutierrez

They’ve even added railings to help get up and down from certain areas. Which beats the purpose of building and wasting mats to get up.

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez

As far as the battle pass goes it’s as good as you’d expect it to be. They really went more into the tier skins for characters. Before it only used to be two characters that you could upgrade to get better skins but in this one they have four! All as good as the last. You can also finally unlock skins for you guns and even vehicles!

When it comes to the locker they added menus in every category of stuff making it so much easier to navigate through all the emotes,skins,dances and everything else.

It seems like Epic knows what the fans want before we even ask for it. There are only a little more than 80 days till the season ends. So be sure to unlock as much as you can before it does!

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