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Full Body Of Anime King Ghidorah Revealed

Potential spoilers for Godzilla: Planet Eater below! Read at your own risk!

The final stretch of the Toho’s Godzilla anime trilogy hit Japanese theaters early this month, and with it came a new look at Godzilla’s ultimate rival: King Ghidorah!

This sneak peek at a theater pamphlet reveals the animation model for Ghidorah’s full body, wings and all. Prior to this, it was thought (based on posters and trailers) that Ghidorah would exist just as three giant necks emerging from black holes. Fans are breathing a sigh of relief seeing that there is something more traditional in store.

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Try not to get your hopes up too high, though. When the last Godzilla anime hit theaters, we were treated to all sorts of full body shots of that movie’s big bad, Mechagodzilla. And we all remember how that turned out (Mecha-Planet-Spaceball, anyone?). And even with the full body, fans aren’t too sure about Ghidorah’s spiky texture and hook-like beaks.

But fans in the west will just have to wait and see what Godzilla: Planet Eater has in store. So far, no release date has been announced by Netflix. But when it comes, try to love the new Ghidorah for what he is and not what he could be.

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