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Woosley Wildfire Wipes Out Westworld

The Woosley wildfire currently consuming parts of Southern California is no joke.  I have seen it from about thirty miles away and the sight will remain one of the most beautifully horrifying images to enter my line of sight.  Point Dume in Malibu looks more like Mt. Doom from Lord Of The Rings.  Yes, I’ve been working on that all day.

Seriously though, these fires are no laughing matter.  The economic, environmental, and whatever else you can think of impact goes well beyond what you see on television.  People’s lives, memories, completely ruined by the effects of climate change.

Artify – Square reported on November 9th that the Paramount Ranch has fallen victim to the wave of flames.  You may not have heard of this place but for relevance to pop culture, it’s where they shoot HBO’s Westworld. The news broke via the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation’s Twitter feed.

Los Angeles photojournalist John Schrieber shared photos of the damage via his Instagram and Twitter.

Aside from Westworld, the property provided the backdrop in programs like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Weeds.

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The Paramount Ranch is just one of many victims of this terrible catastrophe.

For fans of the show… we’ll have to wait to see how this will effect production of the new season.  They don’t shoot everything there but I’m sure adjustments are going to be made.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- HBO/Twitter/Instagram

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