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10 Candy Corn Products You Can Have Now (Or Shame Your Friends For Wanting)

It’s a love-hate relationship with most people concerning candy corn. You either really really like them or really hate them and wish them eternal death. Like Pumpkin Spice, they are a seasonal confection and start showing up as early as the end of August. This year it seems they are coming in full swing with some crazy new candy collaborations that you will either have to buy, or cringe at the sight of. Here is a list of some of the candy you can indulge in or give as a joke for someone you know gags in their mouth a little whenever they are near the beloved corn.

Candy Corn S’mores

First off if you are thinking of trying these because you like candy corn and you like s’mores, DON’T. These are awful. Unless you want to be thoroughly disappointed or hate yourself and feel the need to be punished you can absolutely live without these. I got my hopes up and bought a bag of these last year and they did not get eaten. A very sad experience.

Jelly Belly Impostor Candy

Candy Corn from Jelly Belly. Creamy vanilla flavor. Classic candy! Comes in a 16 oz re-sealable bag. All this for only 8.99 off the Jelly Belly website, a little pricey but maybe it’s worth it? I don’t know what kind of spin they could put on the Brach’s version of the candy but it seems like they are trying to sponge off the profits. “Classic candy” stated in the add means they know it’s not their original recipe but is only based on the delicious Brachs version. Impostors….

Hostess Cupcakes

Hostess! That’s the stuff! While searching for candy corn flavored goodness I excitedly came upon these sweet treats. Amazon does not have them available but if you sign up on their email list you can be notified of when they are ready. Isn’t that great news?!


Candy Corn Oreos are everything you could have dreamed of… or maybe something out of your worst nightmare. Search for this abomination at your local grocery store or perhaps you would rather just use Amazon for your dirty little secret. Be sure to sign up for the email list for when these are available again, it’s only a matter of time..


Ready for another crazy M&M prospect?! No? Oh well, because they did something no M&M should do, they spliced together a very good chocolate candy with well, a not so good one. These ones are available right now on Amazon unlike the Oreos or the Hostess Cupcakes, so you can ingest the horror of what these are.

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Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to fully commit, your local gas station should have these unappealing non threatening sizes ready for purchase. An 8 or 9oz bag can be intimidating but at least these little guys are an eat now and hide the evidence type treat. You don’t have to live in eternal shame over the fact that you can’t get through the bigger bag and have to hide it from guests in the linen closet.


Here is one that was most recently spotted at AM/PM by a friend of mine. Really what got this whole thing churning. Hershey’s has a way of taking something you like and making it better. Like the peppermint white chocolate I buy every holiday season, it just isn’t Christmastime without it. The question is will these new fall candy corn bars be the same for Halloween Time.


These I haven’t seen since around 2013, but I also haven’t been actively looking for them. Not since I read a review where it said “these taste like scented candles”. Maybe they will come back this season but for the sake of candy corn lovers everywhere I hope not as it seems like they may ruin a good thing for them.

Charm’s POPS

Candy blog describes these as having a mild butterscotch flavor, which is something I can get behind. Butterscotch will forever remind me of my Nana who liked to keep them in her purse for me. Anyway… They only sell these in the big bags so if you don’t like them you can use it to give away to kids as they trick or treat this Halloween. No big deal!

DIY Monstrosities

There are a plethora of bad ideas on pinterest and you can google candy corn and find just about anything. Candy Corn cocktails all the way down to candy corn doughnuts, cookies, and cakes are all at your disposal in the way of internet recipes. Yours to have so you can truly delight or deeply offend your closest friends.

So whether you eat them or use them as toys as my daughter does is up to you. Lucky for you this craziness ends when Halloween is over and the clearance candy gets whisked away by bargain shoppers. You wont have to worry about seeing it again for a whole year… Unless… No! What is this??

Well maybe you will have to wait until after Christmas to be free. Have a great Holiday season then everyone!

Let me know in the comments if you are privy to any other candy corn treats I may have missed and let Nerdbot know what your holiday plans are!


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