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Cosplayers: Please Wear Sunscreen


…And I want you to remember on very important thing as you go out there and attend your cosplay events… WEAR SUNSCREEN. I do not care what age, gender, sexual orientation, or color that you happen to be. The best advice I can give as a fellow cosplayer is to wear sunscreen!

Because cosplayers assume that they will *mostly* be inside, or that our cosplay may cover most of our bodies, or that we have enough makeup on to block on the sun; the truth is that it is not enough. Any exposed skin should have sunscreen. Yes, even in places where it is cloudy and even in places where it snows! Is the sun up there? Wear sunscreen!
A convention is not an excuse to skip a critical part of your skincare. This is by far the best beauty/skincare advice I can give as a fellow cosplayer.
Sun damage is a very real problem and it affects our skin in more ways than just sunburn. From aging the skin to full blown sun cancer, the sun can inflict a world of problems.

Sunburns can also make wearing a cosplay painful. Where you were burned can easily become loads more irritated when you put on your costume that happens to rub against a burned skin area. Conventions are already uncomfortable enough with crowds, lines, and sleep deprivation (I’m not the only one who suffers this, right?!). There’s no need to add onto the discomfort with a costume rubbing one of your sore spots raw.

Also remember that excessive amounts of time in the sun can lead to more than just skin problems. During events, it is easy to neglect even the most basic self care such as drinking water! Sunburn can be a very painful reminder that your body is in desperate need of some attention. So take care of yourself out there!

Here are some ways to wear sunscreen that may help in your cosplay life:

1. Zinc Oxide
This is by far the highest recommendation I have for cosplayers. Simply because it is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. Zinc Oxide sounds scary but it is a simple single ingredient: a powdered mineral. This mineral scatters, reflects, and absorbs UVA/UVB rays. It is also very inexpensive. Because of it’s powdered form, it can be mixed with your favorite lotions/body butters/moisturizers. You can also use it in it’s powder form to dust on your body. However, because it is white it may show up on darker shades of skin and darker pieces of clothing.

2. Sunscreen bars/sticks
Usually compact, these can fit into bags pretty effortlessly; allowing you to keep your sunscreen close at hand without getting in the way or being a burden. Just buy a size and shape that fits into your gear!

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Don’t you think you can use makeup as an excuse to skip sunscreen! Sunscreen NEEDS to be reapplied during the day. There are plenty of ways to get that sunscreen into your makeup routine and touch up throughout the day.

Here are some makeup-friendly ways to use sunscreen:

Apply sunscreen onto your skin before your makeup. To get the best uninterrupted application, try an SPF tinted moisturizer or an oil free sunscreen. Even better, (but not always an option) find a SPF30 or higher foundation!

You can also find yourself a clear spray on sunscreen. KINeSYS SPF30 Performance Sunscreen Spray is clear, dries matte, and won’t cause breakouts. It is also alcohol-free and fragrance free for those with sensitive skin!

Powder sunscreen! This can be zinc oxide or a pre-made one which is typically mostly zinc oxide blended into a shade that suits various skin tones. Pre-mades are great because they usually come in a container that doubles as an applicator. Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush  is definitely on the pricier side but one of the very few options on Amazon. However, consider making your own by mixing a mineral foundation that matches your shade (or a bit darker) to mix the zinc oxide with.

Newer to the market is sunscreen setting spray! Imagine that! What better way to touch up your sunscreen reapplication than an actually setting spray… WITH SPF! Coola Suncare Suncare Green Tea and Aloe Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30  can be up there on the pricier side but is likely the easiest way to get that sunscreen without messing up the makeup.

Now, get out there and be fabulous loving the skin you are in! 

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