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Anime’s Road to Global Popularity: The Brief History

When you mention anime to someone, the reaction depends on how people perceive this art and it can range from “I adore it” to “I hate it.” Some might be familiar with every inch of this topic, while someone may not even know what it is. While it is a broad term, the fact is […]

Nerdbot Cosplay Spotlight: Hey Jay

I love seeing how cosplayers embrace and deliver characters. It brings me joy to see cosplayers let their hair down in cosplay and real life. I am so happy to introduce this cosplayer from Florida, Hey Jay.

Naruto Characters as ‘Nyaruto’ Cats-They’re Adorable!!

It’s 2020 and still, no one could get over “Naruto.” There’s still new merchandise produced and bought, and these soft vinyl toy Nyarutos are not something we can resist easily. The name “Nyaruto” itself cute enough. Since “nya” is “meow” in Japanese, the company behind the toy- Megahouse did not miss the chance for the pun. […]