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10 Anime Inspired Necklaces You Can Wear In The Real World Without People Accusing You Of Being a Virgin

Kimi No Na Wa Necklace

    First up is probably the best example on this list because it looks like a normal silver necklace. This beautiful, classy and chic necklace is based off of the hit movie “Kimi No Na Wa” (or “Your Name”, for filthy casuals). The film became an enormous international hit, and served as a reminder to never give up hope that someday a supernatural event could occur and be able to touch a hot girls boobs at any given time.

The necklace itself is a spoiler, so luckily you won’t have to even explain to the people you see in your day to day life that this is an anime necklace in the first place. More importantly, this necklace is pretty cute even by normie standards. With this around your neck, you would be able to impress the nerds AND everyone at your office BBQ.  

Naruto Necklace

Dream of being the next Hokage? Well, keep it to yourself Denise! You’re a receptionist! This beautiful necklace comes in blue and green and has a fun, simple design to it. This necklace is based off of the ever popular Shounen anime, Naruto!

This is perfect for any summer get together, or even just around the office! Chances are there’s already some lady who is obsessed with crystals or whatever, so you can just play it off as that. Throw around the word “chakra” and technically you won’t be lying about why you bought it.

Sailor Moon Necklace

Ladies, if you’re looking for the most romantic birthday gift possible, feel free to share this post with “oh my god #3!” and wait for your man/lady/secret admirer to get the hint. You’re welcome.

For everyone else who has no idea what this is, this is from the series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. This specifically, is the magical locket that Tuxedo Mask gives Sailor Moon after their first date. (First time falling off a balcony together, whatever.) This massively aesthetic piece clock necklace was the catalyst for the first arc of the most iconic Shoujo manga of the 90’s, and it can also be the most iconic piece of Moon themed jewelry for your best friend from high school’s bachelorette party.

While it’s still a LITTLE bit flashy, this is probably the most daring necklace on this list. It’s perfect for events where a little glamor can go a long way! (Just make sure to steer the conversation FAR away from this necklace when the question “I can’t believe this is our 2nd baby shower this year! Shelby, still working on a career in LA?” pops up!)

Fate Stay/Night Necklace and Ring

What better to wear out on your next oglibational double date with you and bae, then a matching necklace and ring that don’t really match but you both know it matches and that’s all that matters!


This jewelry set is from Fate/Stay Night, my favorite neverending money vacuum. Admittenly, this is probably the boldest and least casual item on the list. Though both items are cute, it does faintly imply that you’ve both spent more than a few minutes in a Hot Topic during the early 2000’s. This particular set is actually really cool to own because who doesn’t want to feel like Rin and Archer?


This is perfect for a double date that you don’t REALLY want to go on because this is just tame enough to not be awkward but just extravagant enough to make your guests wonder if you just came from a Ren Faire.

Sword Art Online Necklace

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I really couldn’t get into Sword Art Online, but this pendant is pretty cute. This pendant is absolutely from the anime “Sword Art Online” though. I think it probably belongs to Asuna. Asuna is the girl I see cardboard cutouts of at conventions, and I keep seeing articles saying that in some blu ray next year we’re going to see her nipple. What’s wrong with you people?


Anyway this necklace is really cute because of how simple and dainty it looks. You could pretty much wear this with anything you wanted at every family get together you went to. Heck, you could even give this as a gift to one of your cousins if you felt inclined, instead of having to pretend you know what’s in style at Macy’s. Make all the weebs in her life think that she’s one of them, but she’ll be none the wiser.  

NANA Necklace

First of all, if you’re one of the aforementioned virgins I mentioned in the title of this article STEP AWAY FROM THE LINK. This necklace is from the coolest edgy girl manga of the century, titled “NANA”. NANA is the story of two girls who move to Tokyo to find love and themselves, one is super cool, the other is kinda lame but still cooler than you because you clicked on an article “titled 10 Anime Inspired Necklaces You can wear to work or family functions without them immediately accusing you of being a virgin”.  


It’s a fun, unique and rebellious piece of neckwear that you can put on when you go to the club or a concert. This necklace also functions as a lighter, so it’s perfect for concerts or beating up weaker nerds so your cover isn’t blown when you’re out with your tough friends. (You can physically beat them up WITH the necklace.)  


Madoka Magica Necklace

Are you sad? Do you plan on being sad for awhile? Then I guess I don’t need to tell you to watch Puella Madoka Magica. The twisted story of the wishes of young girls going completely awry. If you like reminding yourself daily that desires are all proven to be fruitless and cause more pain than they do happiness, you’ll love these Soul Gem necklaces.


These necklaces add an elegant touch to your outfit, and they’re perfect for all Church events, especially during Easter! Everyone will think you’re saying “let’s find the eggs!” when you’re really saying “let’s find my will to try to understand a friend when the only person who can help them is themselves and we’re only hurting ourselves by internalizing their pain!”


Full Metal Alchemist Necklace

Full Metal Alchemist is widely considered to be one of the greatest written anime of all time. This piece of jewelry serves as a symbol of the catalyst in the story. There is absolutely ZERO chance of you actually needing a pocket watch in the year 2018 because we have digital clocks attached to everything possible, but you can at least carry something around that makes a nonstop soothing ticking noise.


Realistically, there’s no opportune place for you to wear this item. It would fit in pretty much anywhere. You can, however, wait until October 3rd. This is considered “Mean Girls Day” because of a line in the movie. Whenever someone brings that up, you can always whip out your watch and say “well actually..”. Be sure to only do it one day a year though! You want to fit in, remember?


Neon Genesis Evangelion Necklace

This next item is a simple silver cross from the 90’s anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Many people cite NGE for its use symbolism through famous images of Christianity, but the creators have stated in interviews that it’s basically just their aesthetic. Now, this cross can be YOUR aesthetic too!

This is perfect when you’re trying to blend in completely. No frills. No glitz. Exactly what you need if you don’t want anyone to talk to you. You can wear this at home, in the office, or at church. No matter when you put it on, you’ll ALWAYS be repping the Church of Misato.

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