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“Masters of the Universe” Premiere Pushed Back

Sony has moved the launch of its live-action reboot of Masters of the Universe to 2020. This may be a good thing for the movie, as the December 18, 2019 premiere date set back in 2017 would have had it sandwiched between Sony’s Jumanji 3 and Disney’s Star Wars 9. Possible 2020 dates might be […]

Mattel Toys Reveals Which Game is Number One In The U.S.

The answer might surprise you! Mattel Toys reveals that UNO® is once again the number-one games property in the U.S. exclusive of collector card games, according to latest NPD Group U.S. Retail Tracking Report[1]. By introducing new games and leveraging partnerships, the card game continues to see momentum with double-digit growth in the first-half of […]

David Goyer Taking On He-Man

Not literally, obviously. He-Man would kick Goyer’s ass for one, plus he doesn’t really exist. That said, the challenge of getting Adam to the big screen does seem just as hard, if not harder. Goyer does have history with rich kids trying to save the world however, being responsible for the penmanship in a little […]