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Spooky Movie Time: My Top 5 Favorite Zombie Movies

While scrolling through the list of zombie flicks attempting to pick out my favorite, I was surprised to find how difficult picking a top 5 actually was. Considering how little I care for horror as a whole, the sub genre of flesh eating, reanimated monsters seems like it would be an easy one to skip […]

The Bloody Maze of James Wan’s “Malignant” 2021 [Review]

James Wan’s new hyped up horror flick “Malignant” has finally hit theaters and HBO Max! I’m sure you, like everyone else including myself, were positively dying to see this film (pun intended). Wan himself went on and on in interviews and in the most recent trailer, about how this one was going to be different. […]

Filmmaker James Wan Introduces New “Malignant” Horror Trailer

Director James Wan (“Saw,” “The Conjuring“) is clearly taking inspiration from the Italian horrors of the 70s, and we are here for it! The trailer shows main character Madison, watching home videos of her childhood with her mother, and discussing an imaginary friend named Gabriel. Wan then comes in with commentary about switching up the […]

Happy Halloween: Best Worst Horror Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime

Every October, cinema is inundated with horror films. From networks like FreeForm playing the same 5 classic Halloween movies 24/7 for a week straight, or streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix pushing their Halloween selections to the home page for a month. No matter where you turn, spooky season has no shortage of horror films […]