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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Comic Book Script

You’ve got an amazing idea for a comic book. Now what? How do you develop that idea so that it blooms from concept to sequential story? It takes talent to be a great storyteller, but you need additional understanding to write scripts for comic books. This guide can help.

Top 5 Video Games with In-Game Gambling

Video games and gambling often cross over because both of those have the element of excitement to them, and the video game developers try to make their games even more exciting by adding some sort of gambling element to them. In most cases, in-game gambling is a kind of side activity you can totally skip […]

A Guide to Gaming With Your Kids

Gaming with your kids can be a rich and rewarding experience for yourself and your children. It’s a great way of spending time together and doing something you both (hopefully) love!

Why ‘Heart of Darkness’ is Entirely Relevant Today

What we feel, we express through words that we jot down on paper. When reading books and novels, the reason why we can relate with the characters, the theme, the story, plot, etc. is that a writer writes from his or her experiences and what they see around them in society.