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Pokemon Go: Sinnoh and Psychic Excitement

Trainers, it’s time to expand that Pokedex storage space because generation four Pokemon are finally arriving to Pokemon GO! In a short video on October 9, the Pokemon Company and Niantic confirmed Sinnoh region Pokemon to be on their way. The trailer shows a Turtwig among the grass, a Chimchar rousing from sleep inside a […]

Autumn Harvest Festival Arrives in Monster Hunter World

Halloween is in full swing in Astera with the arrival of the Autumn Harvest Festival! The gathering hub has become a playground for the wicked with tons of pumpkins, fall leaves, Halloween-themed fireworks, and of course, a giant cat-shaped pumpkin statue to dominate the scene. In addition, the lasses at the counter celebrate the holiday […]

There’s a Monster Hunter: World Crossover Event with Final Fantasy 14

Fellow hunters, it’s time to grab your squad members and prepare yourselves for the Monster Hunter: World crossover event with Final Fantasy 14! Launched on August 1st, a mysterious aetheryte shard brings an invasion of cactuars (and one adorable moogle) to the Wildspire Waste. Not everything it brings is cute and fun though, as it […]

Attack On Titan Season 3 Premiere in Theaters Tonight

A select group of theaters will be premiering season three of Attack on Titan tonight and tomorrow (July 10th, and 11th). They will  be showing a movie recap of season two and the first episode of season three. Tonight’s showing will be Japanese with English Subs and tomorrows will be English Dub only. Watch the […]

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s First DLC Announced

Capcom had already previously announced some of the DLC characters that are on the way to MVC:I. However, we weren’t given a date until now. Black Panther, Sigma, and Monster Hunter will be available on October 17. Those who bought the Character Pass for 2017 will receive the characters for free in addition to the remaining […]

Overwatch Halloween Event

To no one’s surprise, Overwatch’s Halloween event will return next week. While not many details were released, the event will run from October 10 to November 2. A teaser on the Overwatch Twitter gives a sneak peek at some of the new skins. You can check it out here: What Halloween gaming event are you most […]