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Autumn Harvest Festival Arrives in Monster Hunter World

Halloween is in full swing in Astera with the arrival of the Autumn Harvest Festival! The gathering hub has become a playground for the wicked with tons of pumpkins, fall leaves, Halloween-themed fireworks, and of course, a giant cat-shaped pumpkin statue to dominate the scene. In addition, the lasses at the counter celebrate the holiday in Gothic Halloween-themed dresses while the palicos look ghoulish as pumpkin-headed ghosts floating around. As usual, your Poogie celebrates the holiday in the adorable Pumpkin’s Revenge costume and the Handler transforms into a Gothic maiden with the Mischievous Dress costume.

Mischievous Dress Costume

Hunters are not left out of all the costume fun either, with the opportunity to craft both low and high rank Harvest armor sets using Autumn Harvest tickets obtained from daily login. These outfits transform the hunter into a pumpkin witch or menacing pumpkin overlord. Palicos have access to low and high ranks versions of the ghost set. Hunters can also craft layered armor of the Autumn Harvest exclusive sets using their daily tickets. In addition, the USJ: BLAZING AZURE STARS! quest is now available in America. Completion of the quest gives hunters azure stargems which can be used to forge the Azure Starlord armor set previously available only in Japan. Don’t forget to upgrade the Azure Star Blade long sword into its final form of the Azure Star “Dragon Dance.”

Autumn Harvest armor sets
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The fun doesn’t end with armor either. Halloween gives hunters the opportunity to take on a Pukei-Pukei and Tobi-Kadachi in the “Where Sun meets Moon” quest. Completion of the quest gives both silver egg rewards and Downy Crake tickets. Cash the Downy Crake tickets into the smithy to create a new set of dual blades reminiscent of the legendary fluffy birds. While these dual blades seem non-threatening, they are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a weapon with decent sleep status effects. These blades can be fully upgraded into Downy Crake Love dual blades with 150 sleep.

Downy Crake Brooms

The Autumn Harvest festival is also an excellent opportunity to catch up on any previous armor crafting you may have missed. As usual, many previous events are available again for hunters to enjoy. Kulve Tarroth is available for players to team up and take on for more chances to obtain new exclusive weapons. Just remember to gobble up one of the Autumn Harvest exclusive dishes before heading out to collect more gold! So get out there and research those monsters, for our Sapphire Star!

For a complete guide on all of the goodies available during the Autumn Harvest festival, click here.


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