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Did Hasbro Just Confirm a Dungeons & Dragons TV Show?!

This is something that’s been rumored for a few years now, and we’re kinda hoping it finally comes true. During an earnings call with Hasbro earlier this week, CEO of Hasbro Brian Goldner confirmed that the company is very much committed to seeing a live-action television series based on Dungeons & Dragons! “[The team is] […]

“Borderlands 2” DLC Being Made Into D&D-Inspired Adventure

“Dungeons & Dragons” is a game of endless possibilities. You can be anyone, conquer anything and journey to the farthest reaches of the universe. That’s probably why the game is seeing such a surge in players this year. People want a way to escape the realities of exactly how awful 2020 has been. Well, now […]

“Dungeons & Dragons” Set Coming to “Magic: The Gathering”

“Dungeons & Dragons” and “Magic: The Gathering” are no strangers to each other. Not only are they two of Hasbro’s most-prolific franchises, but they both present fantastical worlds brimming with interesting characters. It only makes sense that the two worlds would collide at some point. However, up until know we have only ever seen Magic […]