Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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“Supernatural” Seasons 1-5: How It Should Have Ended [Review]

"Supernatural" is a fantastic (albeit formulaic) show that fills the void left by its predecessors while also paying homage to them.

Amazon’s “The Vast of Night” is the Way Anthology Sci-Fi Should Feel [Review]

A mysterious sound spurs a small-town telephone operator to enlist the local DJ to try to discover its source at the dawn of the space age.

“Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath” Short But Fun Return to EarthRealm

All in all, MK 11 Aftermath is a refreshing return to a beloved franchise, adding new characters, finishes and a compelling story to keep the game fresh.

“Glitch Techs”: A Fast Paced Show Where Kid Gamers Save the World

Nickelodeon/Netflix team up to bring us Glitch Techs! A show were a group of teens save the world from game glitches that invade our real world space.

It’s Time: Marvel Superheroes Reimagined as MMA Fighters

Rodrigo Lorenzo Art takes some of your favorite street level superheroes and turns them into MMA fighters.

An [Unpopular] Infinite Playlist: 10 Songs I Love From Artists I Don’t

So that's the list we will explore here; 10 songs I love from artists I don't...These songs stand out from the rest because they are usually from artists that are popular and have long standing careers.

Test Your Might: The 30 Day Film Challenge

The 30 Day Film Challenge is an exciting new way to go through your collection and take an unexpected journey through films you love and some you don't.

Nerdbot Reviews: “Dragon Ball Super” Vol. 9 Manga

With the latest installment of the Dragon Ball Super manga we finally get to see the outcome of the Tournament of Power as well as the start of a brand new arc with new additional characters thrown into the mix.

The CW’s “Batwoman” Season 1 Finale, “O’ Mouse” [Review]

It's the season Finale of the first season of "Batwoman"- Kate and company takes on a new villain and the Crows while Alice and Hush Plot to take her down!

“Batwoman” s1e19: A Secret Kept from All the Rest [Review]

Its Batwomans' 19th episode "A Secret Kept from all the Rest" where Batwoman has to deal with Hush and Alice Kidnapping People around Gotham!

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