Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Adorable Spooky Baby Bat Swaddlers for Tiny Humans are the Cutest Things We’ve Seen

These baby bat swaddlers are cute and great for a spooky October baby!

Amazon Makes Kids Shows Free Even Without Prime Membership

While your set up working from home, Amazon has you covered in the kid department.

The Quest for the Grail! Board Book is Here to Introduce Your Kids to Monty Python

Probably the cutest baby book we've ever seen! Teach your kids about the Knights who say Ni!

Lego is Releasing an Interactive Mario Set Where You Can Collect Coins and Lose a Life

This set looks awesome! It's a 3D version of a classic Super Mario Level!

New Baby Yoda Maternity Tees Are Here!

This would be a cute gift for your pregnant friend, whose pretty much just a floating incubation pod for the next nine months.

How to Motivate a Child to Learn and Develop

The desire to learn new things is inherent in us by nature. Curiosity encourages people to gain experience and make progress. But do you know how to preserve this natural desire and interest in a child? How to develop the motivation to blossom out in a baby?

Awesome Dad Makes Labyrinth Dolls Out Of Barbies

Awesome dad makes custom Labyrinth dolls for his daughter

Toys That Teach Your Kid To Code

There are quite a few toys out there that can help your kid learn how to code.

Take Your Little One On An Adventure With Zelda Baby Accessories

Bumkins has put out a Zelda eating set that's sure to take you and your little one on an epic adventure!

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Jack Black Dances to A-ha’s Take On Me While Social Distancing

Jack Black takes a moment to cheer us all up while he's practicing social distancing at home.

Watch this Forgotten Gem: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as Read by Christopher Walken

We've found a real relic from the time of internet past!

Mountain Dew Flavored Doritos Are Here

Mountain Dew Doritos exist! Who wants to try some?