Sunday, July 12, 2020
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These Solar Flowers will Keep Your Pool the Perfect Temperature

Love going in the pool but hate the temperature of it when you first step in? These solar flowers may help you adjust and keep your pool at just the right temp.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Daughter Refuses to Believe he is Maui from “Moana”

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daughter doesn't believe he's Maui from Disney's "Moana." Watch the adorable video!

“Glitch Techs”: A Fast Paced Show Where Kid Gamers Save the World

Nickelodeon/Netflix team up to bring us Glitch Techs! A show were a group of teens save the world from game glitches that invade our real world space.

21 Years Later & “Zaboomafoo” Still Slaps

Kids shows just aren't at the level of Zaboomafoo and it's a show you should revisit even if you don't have kids.

Feel Kawaii When You Use These Light Up Glitter Pens

Remember these!? We've uncovered some of our favorite types of pens and now we need to share our find with the world!

Crayola Releases New Colors of the World 32-Count Crayon Set

Crayola has a new 32 count Colors of the World set coming out July 7th! Now you can draw all your friends and family with ease <3

Dad Builds 14-Meter Dinosaur Jungle Gym For His Kids

A dad has built a 14 meter jungle gym for his kid and detailed in images how he did it. Talk about some very lucky kids!

Blender in a Bottle’s Whiskware Releases New Marvel & DC Themed Snack Packs

Whiskware, by the makers of Blender in a Bottle have released some new designs for Marvel, DC, Harry Potter & Star Wars that will keep your snacks in perfect order.

How to Start Writing Your Essay Faster and Without Errors

Every writer prides themselves on their ability to write an essay and devoid of errors. These abilities make up the look of a professional writer and in today’s world, the market is craving professionalism.

Dad Puts Mic in 4-Year Old’s Hockey Helmet so He Can Hear What He’s Thinking

It's funny when we can hear what kids are thinking. And this dad decided that putting a mic in his kids hockey helmet would do just the trick. Results did not disappoint!

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Human Remains Reportedly Found on Tiger King: Joe Exotic’s Land

Some cadaver dogs have discovered human remains on Joe Exotic's former property.

You Can Buy Noodle Cup Bed for Your Pet and it’s Totally Wholesome

Ready for an overdose of cuteness? Check out the animals in these cute noodle cup beds!

Baby Owls Sleep Facedown Because Their Heads are Too Heavy

Baby owls are adorable anyway but now we know they sleep facing down because their heads are too heavy and it's the cutest fact yet.