Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Danny Trejo Gets New Gig: “Animal Talking” Correspondent!

Danny Trejo's new gig makes perfect sense if you've been watching Gary Whitta's "Animal Crossing New Horizons" talkshow, "Animal Talking."

“The Plague Nerdalogues” Are EXACTLY What We Need Right Now

The Nerdalogues is a video series featuring compilations of actors reenacting familiar and famous scenes from film and television with a geek bent, all for charity. In this case, No Kid Hungry.

Check Out These 9 Horror Parodies We Wanna Read Right Now

Sometimes a good laugh is exactly what we need to get through the day. Check out these 9 horror parody classics!

Resturant Uses Blow Up Dolls as Social Distancing Spacers

Instead of using "Scary yellow tape" these restaurant owners decided "G-rated" blow up dolls would be better. It certainly gave us a laugh!

Detroit Priest Uses Squirt Gun with Holy Water to Promote Social Distancing

St Ambrose Parish found an innovative way around COVID-19 protocols and adapted a squirt gun to give holy water blessings.

Gary Whitta’s “Animal Talking” Most Pure Moment with Elijah Wood, Danny Trejo

This moment from Gary Whitta's "Animal Crossing" in-game talkshow "Animal Talking" with Elijah Wood and Danny Trejo is beyond pure.

Help Ewan McGregor get an Obi-Wan Kenobi Statue on Scotland’s Highest Ground

We want to make this happen! Sign the petition so Obi-Wan forever has the high ground!

“Work From Home” Jammies on the Rise as People Struggle to Put on Real Pants

Don't want to put on pants? Well now you don't have to! With these "Work from Home" Jammies you will be ready for that online presentation and napping immediately after.

Cafe in Germany Uses Pool Noodle Hats to Keep Social Distance

Pool noodles are a great way to let people know they shoudn't be standing too close. This restaurant in Germany has incorporated them into their seating arrangements to promote social distance protocols.

Man Conducts Video Conference Call With His Dogs to Review Job Performance

Scottish Sportscaster Andrew Cotter conducted a video conference with his two dogs to let them know they weren't being furloughed and went on to evaluate their performance.

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You’ve Seen Baby Yoda, Get Ready for Baby Darth Maul

It's a little late but at least it's cute! We've found this baby Darth Maul on Twitter drawn by "PAW Patrol" artist...

“Star Wars” Boba Fett Inspired Stoneware is Coming!

Get ready for the next season of the Mandalorian with a cool new Boba Fett dinner set!

Nintendo Plushies Lined Seats at Korean Baseball Game

Practicing social distancing can be hard, but people are finding more and more ways to be creative with it. This Korean Baseball game used Pokemon plushies to line the seats to feel less empty.