Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Check Out This Impressive 122 Piece Optimus Prime Stained Glass

This thing is awesome! From pattern design to final product this 122 piece sun-catcher will take your breath away.

Artist Re-Creates Disney Villains With A Korean Inspired Flare

Wooh Nayoung has created gorgeous versions of some Disney Villains

This Legend Of Zelda Custom Axe Shreds Over A Boring Ocarina

This amazing guitar will have you exploring new tunes all night!

Watch Charlie Brown Sing ‘Comfortably Numb’ In Pink Floyd Mash Up

This is the mashup we never knew we needed

Artist Turns Fast Food Icons Into Serious Anime Villains

Sillvi on Instagram is taking some of our favorite fast food brands and making them into anime villains!

Artist Re-imagines Sailor Scouts As Pokemon Trainers

Azure and Copper came up with some really cool ideas for a Sailor Moon X Pokemon Crossover!

Disney Princess Re-imagined as Raptors

These princess dinosaurs are our favorite thing today!

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Watch this Forgotten Gem: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as Read by Christopher Walken

We've found a real relic from the time of internet past!

Chris Hemsworth is Offering Free Virtual Workouts for the Next Six Weeks

Chris Hemsworth is here with some fitness solutions while were stuck indoors. He's also providing advice and tricks to keep us centered

GameStop to Permenantly Shut Down 300 Stores

Gamestop will be permanently shutting down 300 stores, which means potentially the one near you that was shut down temporarily may not come back.