Friday, July 3, 2020

Ryan Lau

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Brace Yourselves—March 2020 Game Releases Are Coming!

March 2020 marks a very busy month for gamers---and a very empty month for their wallets!

WB Games Montreal Unveils Full Teaser Image Likely For New Batman Game

WB Games Montreal shares complete teaser likely for new Batman project.

Nintendo Reveals Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo reveals updated Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Announces Pokemon Direct on 1/9/2020

Nintendo announces Pokemon Direct for 1/9/2020

ICYMI: Sony No Longer Interested In Dedicated Handheld Gaming

Playstation says they're no longer interested in hand held gaming, but the future is never written in stone

McFarlane Toys Reveals Long Awaited DC Lineup

McFarlane toys has announced what we can look forward to for DC figures this year

Pre Order Hasbro’s Count Dooku Lightsaber Replica For Under $180 Shipped!

How YOU Can Pre Order Hasbro's Upcoming Count Dooku Lightsaber Replica For Under $180 Shipped



Spice Girls Reuniting for “The Final Time” in 2021 for 25th Anniversary

The Spice Girls are going to go on tour in the US, Europe and Australia in 2021!

Crafty Man Turns Lawnmower into Tank that Shoots Potatoes, Still Cuts Grass!

Did this crafty man need to make a tank that shoots potatoes and still cuts grass? No. But is it awesome? Heck yes!

Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan Developing “Fallout” Series for Amazon

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the married writing duo behind HBO's "Westworld" have announced their brand-new project for Amazon, and fans of the Wasteland are gonna be excited. Joy and Nolan are currently developing a television series based on the highly popular video game franchise "Fallout."

These Teabags Look Like Real Sea Creatures While Steeping!

OceanTeabags has a bunch of different animal designs, but these sea creature ones have got to be our favorite for steeping in a cuppa!

NASA Has Designed a Necklace That Reminds You Not to Touch Your Face

NASA has released instructions online to build your very own necklace that will remind you to stop touching your face.