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McFarlane Toys Reveals Long Awaited DC Lineup

Back in February of 2019, we learned that McFarlane toys would be stepping up to the plate to take over for the DC 7″ to 12″ line of action figures, because Mattel lost the license for the collectors line. We’ve had some sneak peaks and teases since, however McFarlane Toys, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have finally revealed the first wave of figures coming soon! Let’s take a look.

Wave 1 Revealed

The first wave of figures covers a nice spread—from comic book series likeness, to animated series, to CW! Here are the first figures revealed:

Batman based on his DC Detective Comics #1000 appearance
Superman based on his DC Action Comics #1000 appearance
Batgirl based on her Sean Murphy design from The White Knight series
The Batman Who Laughs based on his comic book series appearance of the same name
Nightwing based on his DC Rebirth comic book series appearance
Armored Superman based on his Superman Unchained comic book series appearance
Batman Hellbat Suit based on his Batman and Robin comic book series appearance
Batman based on his Batman: The Animated Series appearance
Keep Going!
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Superman based on his Superman: The Animated Series appearance
Harley Quinn based on her DC Rebirth comic book series appearance
Green Lantern John Stewart based on his Justice League Unlimited animated series appearance
Green Arrow based on his CW Arrow live action tv series appearance
Bat-Raptor based on the Batmobile design in The Batman Who Laughs comic book series

Putting the “Action” in “Action Figures

All of these figures come with a stand, and some include accessories. Those without accessories being armored Superman and Batman. These two however include extending, poseable wings (some assembly required). The Bat-Raptor fits 7″ DC figures, and includes a telescoping front end to extend to it a full 12″. Interesting to note that The Batman Who Laughs, Batgirl and Nightwing are part of a set that includes “collect to build” parts for the Batmobile. You won’t want to miss out on these three!

Launching this Month

The first wave launches pre orders today, expecting to show up on store shelves sometime this month, January 2020. Expect to find these at major retailers like Target, Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon and even Walgreens.

Which of these are your favorite? All of them? None? I’m personally a HUGE fan of the Batman Who Laughs and the Sean Murphy design for Batgirl (Loved The White Knight!).

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