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Ross Fisher-Davis

Ross Fisher-Davis is an old-school goth from the rocky shores of Cornwall, England with a background in theater, filmmaking, entertainment journalism, and animal care. A fan of horror, sci-fi and all things strange, Ross is a writer of fantasy fiction and has created content for games such as Vampire: The Masquerade and Deadlands.

First Thoughts on “The Witcher: Monster Slayer” Mobile Game

With people finally beginning to feel safer to crawl out from under their rocks after a year of solitude, it’s fun to get back into Augmented Reality (AR) mobile games like “Pokémon Go.” There’s been other attempts over the years to capture the lightening, like the briefly fun but quickly left unsupported “Ghostbusters World” and […]

Marvel Studios Confirms Even MORE Animated Projects Coming!

The first animated addition to the entertainment world-conquering Marvel Cinematic Universe, anthology series “What If…?,” will debut next month and already folks are hyped for the elseworlds adventures. A series of tales exploring the stories of famous Marvel characters and events in their universe, if something had happened slightly different, is a standby of the […]

Haitian President Jovenel Moise Assassinated in Home Attack

Entrepreneur and businessman Jovenel Moise, president of Haiti since February 2017, was assassinated in the early hours of Wednesday morning when gunmen broke into his Port-au-Prince home. Claude Joseph, acting interim President following the attack, confirmed the President’s death in a press release, and also confirmed that the first lady, Martine Moise, was injured in […]

Sony Pictures Developing Adult Horror Comic “Faust” as Animated Series

Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to the bloody and brutal 80’s comic hit “Faust“ to develop into an animated series. Matteo Pizzolo, writer of recent comic successes “Calexit” and “Godkiller,” will adapt the gory horror action story for screens. Original creators of “Faust,” artist Tim Vigil and writer David Quinn, will be acting as […]

Blackstone Group Purchasing Comic Book Grading Company CCG

High quality collectables are big business. From Pokémon to Major League Baseball, “Batman” to “The Yellow Kid,” the aftermarket buying and selling of beloved memorabilia is a billion dollar industry on all fronts. When anything becomes a big enough business, no matter how playful, eventually Big Business comes calling. Certified Collectables Group (CCG), the company […]

“Berserk” Art Exhibit to Honor Kentaro Miura Beginning in Japan

Earlier this year the manga community lost one of the greats. Kentaro Miura, creator of manga franchise “Berserk,” passed away in May, leaving the future of the long running dark fantasy uncertain. Starting his art career at a young age, Miura was known for his complex, sweeping india ink visuals honed over a lifetime. His […]

First Impressions of “Godzilla Singular Point” [Spoiler Free Review]

When a mysterious song begins being broadcast across Japan, a group of young individuals investigating inadvertently find themselves drawn together as the transmission brings the giant flying monster Rodan down upon the people of Japan, bringing with it a strange red dust and whole host of new mysteries. An absent-minded young science prodigy assisted by […]

Kickstarter Campaign has Incredible Unseen Set Photos from “Caligula”

Equal parts beauty and madness, history and debauchery, a book featuring the long forgotten sordid, sexy, and surreal set photographs from one of the most notorious productions in cinema history is live as a Kickstarter campaign right now. Do you dare find out what happened behind the scenes of “Caligula?” For decades, the true sights […]

Ms. Marvel to Return in New Comic Series by Samira Ahmed

Kamala Khan is returning to Marvel Comics in a brand new series later this year, sporting a new writer and artist. The newest volume of Kamala’s adventures as her superhero alter-ego Ms. Marvel will be written by bestselling Author Samira Ahmed. Featuring art by Andrés Genolet, the new series will be titled “Ms. Marvel: Beyond […]