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Ross Fisher-Davis

Ross Fisher-Davis is an old-school goth from the rocky shores of Cornwall, England with a background in theater, filmmaking, entertainment journalism, and animal care. A fan of horror, sci-fi and all things strange, Ross is a writer of fantasy fiction and has created content for games such as Vampire: The Masquerade and Deadlands.

Netflix’s “Yasuke” Stars Lakeith Stanfield as First Black Samurai

Among the many amazing lives chronicled in the history of feudal Japan, few are as interesting (and rarely detailed) as the first black Samurai. Netflix brings to life the story of “Yasuke,” an African warrior who travelled to Japan to become personal retainer and confidant to the most storied feudal lord to ever live, Oda […]

William Gibson’s “Alien 3” Will Release as a Novel this Summer

The long and storied making of “Alien 3” has gone down in history as one of cinema’s greatest blunders. With multiple scripts, countless rewrites, professional disagreements and outright lies, many involved say the Sci-Fi Horror sequel was always doomed to fail. The final film, directed by David Fincher and panned by critics and fans alike, […]

Bandai Release New “Dragon Ball” Tien and Chiaotzu Action Figure Set

Action figure masters S. H. Figuarts are continuing their run of awesome “Dragon Ball Z” figures with a brand new release. Especially exciting for those weary of yet another Goku or Vegeta figure, this time Bandai and S. H. Figuarts have turned their attention to two much-loved classic characters, the three eyed warrior Tienshinhan and […]