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Hugh Grant Definitely NOT in Talks for “Doctor Who”

Second only to James Bond, the casting of a new face in the role of the eponymous Doctor in the long running sci-fi franchise “Doctor Who” is big news. When the time inevitably comes for the Time Lord to regenerate into his new body, you better believe there’s speculation, fan suggestion, and downright arguments over who should step into the iconic blue telephone box next.

Hugh Grant, “The Undoing” HBO

For the last 48 hours, news sites have been abuzz with the supposed info that British icon Hugh Grant is in talks to take on the role from incumbent Doctor Jodie Whittaker. Whittaker has been in the role of the time-travelling hero since 2018, and in 2021 announced that she would step down from the role after her final episodes air in 2022.

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While it’s true that Grant was offered (and turned down) the role back in 2004, he’s not been attached in any way to the popular franchise since. It’s not known where the information that Grant was being courted once more originally came from, but multiple news outlets reported that an unnamed insider leaked the news.

Jodie Whittaker, “Doctor Who” BBC

Finally, to quell the rumors, Grant himself has taken to twitter to make it clear that there is no truth to the story whatsoever.

The same source claimed that returning showrunner Russel T. Davies also stated he wanted “Doctor Who” to become a ‘Marvel-like product’, so such claims should also be taken with a strong grain of salt.

While we think Grant would still make a great Doctor, who exactly will take on the role for the character’s 14th official incarnation is yet to be revealed. Any favorites?

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