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Brian Chapman

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads Across the Galaxy

As a father myself, us guys that grew up on geek culture are proud to be called geeks, nerds or what have you. So with Father’s Day right around the corner we bring you this list of geeky stuff for your dad to show him how proud you are of him. Whether he enjoys games, […]

Diamond Found in Botswana May be World’s 3rd Largest

Sure Botswana might have one of the world’s largest salt pans. It may even be extremely nature-friendly since about 38% of its land is protected as national parks, sanctuaries, reserves and the like. But did you know Botswana is the world’s second largest producer of diamonds? It’s true, Botswana has produced over 728 million carats […]

“Superman,” “Network” Actor Ned Beatty Passes Away

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of the late, great, Ned Beatty. Beatty was an actor with a very large resume including “Superman The Movie,” “Deliverance,” and “Toy Story 3.” Beatty started his movie career in 1972’s “Deliverance” with Jon Voight, and the late Burt Reynolds. After that, he […]

E3 2021: Outer Worlds 2 Teaser Trailer Revealed

Xbox has officially announced the sequel to the 2019 Obsidian Entertainment smash hit game The Outer Worlds. New solar system, new crew, same Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds 2 is coming…and when that day is closer we will show you more…but until then enjoy this. Here’s some images from the teaser trailer dropped today.

Flight to Space With Jeff Bezos Auctioned for $28 Million

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos will ship off to space with his younger brother Mark Bezos on July 20th, 2021. Joining them will be a mysterious bidder who pledged $28 million to join them on the suborbital ride. The ride will be on a reusable rocket that Bezos’ space exploration company, Blue Origin, has built. The […]