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Heath Andrews

Heath Andrews has been a student of pop culture ever since he found himself to be the only student in 3rd grade who regularly watched "Get Smart" on Nick-At-Nite. Ever since then he's been engrossed in way too much media with a growing collection of music, books, comics, TV on DVD box sets, and a video game collection that could rival a brick and mortar store. Prior to writing for Nerdbot he's written for Review You, MyAnimeList, and various advertising companies. Since 2016 he's run his own YouTube channel under the moniker of The Critical Android where he livestreams video games and uploads podcasts about pop culture and Frasier.

Hideo Kojima Teases New Project, What Could it Be?!

Video game designer and director Hideo Kojima is known for a few big things in the video game industry. His most noteworthy creation is the “Metal Gear” series that originated back on the MSX2 computer system in 1987. Eleven years later he would craft “Metal Gear Solid” and create a piece of gaming history. The […]

Woman Uses to Hire Hitman, Gets Real Jailtime

Imagine that you’re the kind of warped person who would want to hire someone to kill another human being. Now imagine that you don’t actually know how to hire one so you decide to go online to get information about it. Now, continue to imagine that you stumble upon a site called “Rent-A-Hitman” dot com. […]

Stowaway in Landing Gear Travels from Guatemala to Miami

Somebody owes American Airlines some unpaid airfare as a stowaway managed to travel from Guatemala to Miami, Florida. The 26-year-old man was promptly arrested by the feds after being discovered in the wheel well of the landing gear. While this might seem like a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, the truth is far from that. The November 27th […]

UK Declares Lobsters, Octopi to be Sentient

The concept of sentience across the animal kingdom is one that is and has been discussed, researched, and debated for centuries. What does it mean to be sentient? How can you tell if a specific animal qualifies as such? How does this affect how we treat and live with these creatures? For certain water dwelling […]

Is Amazon Actually Developing a “Mass Effect” Series?

Internet news moves fast. One outlet reports something and suddenly a bunch of others follow suit with various degrees of information, speculation, and assumption. Today’s case-in-point is a report that Amazon Prime Studios is approaching the development of a television series based off of the video game franchise, “Mass Effect.” Are they really though? How […]

NASA, SpaceX Launch First Ever Test of Asteroid Defense Rocket

We’ve heard about it in science-fiction media for decades; the threat of a space rock slamming into the Earth and killing us all. The defense we have against it? Firing a rocket or missile of some sort into space, slamming into the incoming object, hopefully diverting it onto another path. It’s almost like the idea […]

We Read “The Science of Serial Killers” [Review]

The fascination behind serial killers has only grown in recent years thanks to various documentaries, streaming programs, podcasts, and YouTube channels. Names like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer, are likely more famous now than they were at the height of their murderous sprees. There is a thin line one treads when discussing […]

Mel Gibson Will Direct “Lethal Weapon 5” for Some Reason

Yup, that headline is a lot to unpack. Its been 13-years since the last adventure of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtagh as portrayed by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in “Lethal Weapon 4.” A discussion of another installment has dating back to the mid 2000s, but had consistently run into issues. These included whether or […]

Costco Issues Recall for Kool-Aid Drink Mix

Major retailer Costco has issued a recall for certain packages of Kool-Aid Tropical Punch. This is due to the packages potentially containing small pieces of glass and metal, that you most certainly do not want to be ingesting. KraftHeinz, the owners of Kool-Aid, announced the recall on November 12th. Costco mobile app subscribers were able […]