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Heath Andrews

Heath Andrews has been a student of pop culture ever since he found himself to be the only student in 3rd grade who regularly watched "Get Smart" on Nick-At-Nite. Ever since then he's been engrossed in way too much media with a growing collection of music, books, comics, TV on DVD box sets, and a video game collection that could rival a brick and mortar store. Prior to writing for Nerdbot he's written for Review You, MyAnimeList, and various advertising companies. Since 2016 he's run his own YouTube channel under the moniker of The Critical Android where he livestreams video games and uploads podcasts about pop culture and Frasier.

Stockton Restaurant Recruits Robot Due to Labor Shortage

The idea of automation has long been the bane of labor unions and workers rights activists for decades. No one really wants to be replaced at their job by a robot. Hell, in the legend of John Henry, the titular folklore hero competed against a steam powered rock driller only to die of cardiac arrest […]

Facebook Teams With Ray-Ban For Upcoming Smart Glasses

Remember Google Glass? If you don’t, we don’t blame you. The highly touted product made waves about privacy concerns given that they were basically face mounted computers with cameras on them. Believe it or not, Google Glass still exists as the pioneer of sorts for the smart glasses industry. Apparently there’s still enough of a […]

Three Men at Surf Shop Team Up to Tackle Huntington Beach Thief

Here at Nerdbot, we don’t necessarily feel like violence is a valid solution to problems. If at all possible, you should probably try to avoid physical confrontation and settle things peacefully. That being said, we also can’t deny that there’s a sense of schadenfreude that fills us when we see a dose of instant karma […]

Taco Bell Still Running Short of Some Key Ingredients

If you go to the official Taco Bell website, you may be greeted with a picture that shows that flatbread tacos are coming. In the picture you can see the beef and chicken with cheese and lettuce, tomatoes and sauce piled up on top of them. Then if you look in the upper left corner […]