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Weird Book Shows A Woman Carrying Twins in Her Legs

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you may have noticed page from a strange book making the rounds. The featured illustration is of woman who has a set of twins on her legs. This book is by Chris (simpsons artist) [not a typo, we assure you], and it’s one that’s not factually accurate, but owning it you might be able to trick a couple of people who don’t know basic anatomy.

The book is 25£ or $30.88. For just a bit more the author/artist will sign it for you and give you a personal dedication. Part of me wants to order this and read it to my mom who would be so confused. It’s not nice to confuse people on purpose, but I find joy in it, so this book is pretty great.

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the number 1 best selling book of the year

this book is a magical journey through life from the beginnings of time to the birth of a child and the adventure that we take on our way to the grave and beyond to the stars
it is a celebration of being human and all of the beautiful things that is in between.

if you like books that are about:
why we are here
how we are made
babies shedding their baby legs and growing their child legs
the innocence of childhood
the warmth of papas back
teen life
body hare
the first kiss
falling in love
being alone
the gift of a feather
tales of witches
saturday nights
monday mornings
the mystery of old peoples earlobes
and the meaning of life

then this book is for you

because inside of this book there is all of those things and after reading about 5 pages of it you will be the main expert of human life and there will be nothing in this world that you will not know

love from your friend Chris (simpsons artist) xox

You can find the book here. If you don’t want a signed copy and just want the book itself, Amazon has it as well. If you want to check out other weird books, definitely check out this Japanese one where an artist illustrates the similarities between a turtle shell and a humans ribs.

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