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Artist Illustrates Turtle Shell Similarities to Human Ribs

Japanese artist Satoshi Kawasaki has had some of his art circulate the web recently, and it’s for extremely creepy reasons. Kawasaki is known for drawing humans as if they had the qualities and structures of animals.

Satoshi Kawasaki

It’s an interesting concept, but it’s also really helpful if you’re teaching how an animal’s anatomy works. Being able to relate our own structures to that of another can help us really understand how bodies work. A lot of folks think that a turtles shell is detachable, but its not! The shell of a turtle is almost like if a human’s ribs were on the outside, wrapped around us!

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“The Shell of a Turtle is a Rib” is also consequently becoming a movie, according to Kawasaki’s website. There is also an event which will accompany it, scheduled to happen May 29th at the Urban Dock LaLaport, Toyosu. There is a full scale turtle human produced by Kaiyodo, displayed for a limited time.

“My book, ‘The Shell of a Turtle is a Rib,’ has finally become a movie. ‘The shell of a turtle is a rib’ is a book that attempts to express the body of an animal as a human body, and strange animal humans such as turtle humans, crocodile humans, and flamingo humans were born,” Kawasaki revealed. “In the movie, each of these animals and humans is given their own personality, and a casual daily life is unfolded. They look like that, but their hearts aren’t that different from us, aren’t they? I felt that. It’s a picture with a little impact, but I hope many people will enjoy it.”

What exactly is a turtle’s shell, then?

A turtle’s shell is of course more than just ribs. It also has to do with the location of the turtle’s shoulder blades. The turtle’s shoulder blade is inside the ribcage, and the ribcage is the turtle’s shell.

You can order your own copy of the book on eBay here.

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