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Celebrate 40 Years of Care Bears with Special Sunglasses

Yikes, “Care Bears” turns 40 this year! For someone who used to watch the cartoon on morning television, this hurts a bit. While I’m not quite there yet, I feel the big four o’ nearing round the corner. But what’s nice is that now that we’re full fledged adults, we can also spend out adult money how we want to. Even if that means buying back our childhoods with nostalgia filled products. Like this one from Knockaround.

These Care Bear glasses are set on their premium frames which means that you get a lot of cartoony playful designs. Designed aesthetically around Care-A-Lot, the cloud land where the Care Bears lived.

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The colors used are very pretty and the design is one that can go with anything you wear. Even if you wear black all the time these will be flattering to your outfit. Heck, I’d say they ARE the outfit. They are just like some of the other Care Bear themed things I’ve had in my youth. The Hugs and Tugs baby blanket, the stuffed animal boxes. They put a lot of thought into these to make them exactly what you’d want to wear.

Knockaround says that these are based on their most flattering, best-selling style glasses. They provide full UV400 sun protection and every pair comes with a nice fabric pouch with more Care Bear design.

  • A bright sky fades from deep teal to light blue across the frames
  • Groups of fluffy clouds, rainbows, stars, and hearts dance and swoop along in harmony
  • Cloud white K logos
  • Polarized rainbow lenses
  • Care-A-Lot protective pouch
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection

You can check out the listing for these here.

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