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Car Needs Washed? Try the Australian Crotch Cannon!

An Australian company called Bowden’s Own has come up with what they’re calling one of the most efficient ways to give your vehicle a snow job. If you’re unfamiliar with the term it’s kind of like when you go through a car wash and it foams all over you. Only you’re doing this at home with your own supplies. Enter- the Crotch Cannon. It’ll provide you the most natural way to perform a snow job on your 4 or 2 wheeled friend. With just the slightest hip thrust, you’ll be able to cover your car with cleaning foam.

This product may be designed for a man to use, but I assure you- anyone can wear this. It allows a hands-free application technique so that you can rag wash with your hands more easily while still spraying your foam on the harder to wash parts like the wheels!

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With the contraption strapped on you’ll find that the weight distribution is just right. They have attachments for bottles in the front and the back so that you aren’t suffering from back problems later. There’s even a nifty on/off twist so that you can start and stop spraying when you need to.

The Crotch Cannon retails for $149.99 and is currently sold out. Hopefully they will license this out in the United States because I know maybe 5 people who’d use this.

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