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Q&A with my 7-Year-Old: A Parent’s Guide to Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy has been making the rounds online the past few days. In my house, my 7-year-old loves Huggy Wuggy. I knew he was from a horror game that she’s seen played online by YouTube gamers. But what I didn’t know was the claims that were being stated online. Christian groups have apparently been admonishing the character for not being suitable for kids.

From a Christian Parenting Group Online

In the complaints, groups are stating certain songs going around TikTok and YouTube have lyrics that are disturbing. Huggy Wuggy does not sing songs in the game “Poppy Playtime.” MOB Games has not created official videos of the character singing. And the videos in question are not official.

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The origin of the character is from a game called “Poppy Playtime,” which is rated as suitable for teens. The fan videos are not made by the company that created the game.

So, who is Huggy Wuggy? What’s he all about? In this article I’m going to ask my 7-year-old who’s watched the videos about him online, what her understanding is of the character. For the sake of kids who really like this character, I think that it’s important to view the him through the eyes of someone who’s on the receiving end of all this.

How did you start knowing about Huggy Wuggy?

I saw that there was plushies of them and Lanky Box was showing videos of him and I thought he was kind of fluffy and cute.

Note: Lanky Box is a very popular kids YouTube channel and I believe that most children were introduced to the character though them. After that, it’s all the algorithm showing them similar videos.

You thought he was cute?

Yes, because he seemed friendly with a big smile.

Can you explain what/who Huggy Wuggy is?

Huggy Wuggy used to be a human, and Huggy Wuggy is now a toy. He’s not trying to be mean, he just wants a friend. And if he doesn’t listen to Poppy Playtime he gets shocked on his heart. She has a shock collar on his heart.

Who’s Poppy Playtime?

Poppy is a doll. She’s mean because the people who made her was actually mean. They said that she wouldn’t play forever and ever and she went out of control. Then they had to lock her up in a closure.

Did you know that some parents are upset about Huggy Wuggy? What would you say to them?

I would just say that, that’s them. It’s ok that they don’t like something that I like. It’s ok if they like something that I don’t like. Everyone should like what they want.

Have you seen the fan videos on YouTube?

Yes, there are cartoons and animations. In the cartoon version Huggy Wuggy is trying to take control of himself and he’s able to take care of player. Player is a little yellow guy and has a grab pack he can shoot if he gets scared. When he first met Huggy Wuggy, Huggy looked sad. It’s because Huggy Wuggy didn’t have any friends because kids bullied him. They thought he was dumb, and they thought it would be funny if they bullied him.

So Huggy Wuggy just wants friends?

Yes, he just wants friends. Poppy Playtime also wants friends.

Is this appropriate for all kids?

It’s only appropriate for kids that can handle scary stuff. Some kids can’t and that’s ok. I recommend watching it if your 7 or older.

Do you think parents should get mad about Huggy Wuggy?

No I think they should talk to their kids. Plus, Huggy Wuggy just wants friends. I think that he’d be nice if he had friends. That’s why I’m his friend. In the game he’s not your friend, but you can pretend he is in real life.

Mom’s Final thoughts

Kids are weird. They can like weird stuff, and that’s just fine. Many people like horror movies and games because they enjoy being scared. I don’t, but I don’t think it’s wrong for my kid to like it. If you want to be really proactive and block those channels that the Layfayette Sherriff’s Office mentioned, that’s probably a good idea.

If you’ll remember, about 5-6 years ago there were those creepy Spider-Man getting Elsa pregnant videos and all kinds of bondage things. YouTube had to take proactive measures to take those videos down and block them from being accessible to kids. That was great but the real responsibility lies with us parents.

In my honest opinion liking Huggy Wuggy says more about a child’s level of empathy than anything. Talk to your kids. If you think it’s a problem realize it’s a case by case basis and don’t judge other parents for allowing their kids to watch it.

I really don’t understand how parents who are ok with “Among Us” where one player has to kill all the others without being caught are getting so upset about this. But to each their own.

For more information, this article from Snopes is very good. Please read it before coming to the conclusion that the rumors are correct.

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