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Jack Nicholson’s Joker Suit From “Batman” Going Up for Auction

Jack Nicholson‘s screen worn Joker suit from 1989’s “Batman” is going up for auction. The piece is included in Profiles In History’s upcoming June 18th and 19th Hollywood & Entertainment Signature® Auction.

“You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Even if you’re a new Batman fan, odds are you remember that iconic line delivered by Nicholson when he played Joker against Michael Keaton‘s Batman. Directed by Tim Burton, “Batman” changed the world of comic book movies, and was a lot of people’s introduction to the character. Because of the notoriety of the film, we expect Nicholson’s suit to go for a pretty penny. Worth it? Every cent!

Heritage Auctions
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Highly visible worn by “The Joker” (Nicholson) in Tim Burton’s game-changing superhero epic. Costume designer Bob Ringwood collaborated with the notoriously hands-on legendary actor Nicholson to create stunning costumes, like this one, instantly recognizable the world over. Director Tim Burton’s vision and Academy Award nominee Ringwood’s design excellence blends with Nicholson’s attention to character detail in every garment and accessory he wore in the blockbuster. The look achieves the bold lines and color of a classic cartoon gangster, without ever descending into campiness. This aided Nicholson in his goal of being funny but legitimately terrifying at the same time.

Heritage Auctions

One of the coolest features of this suit and because it was screen worn, is that it still has makeup residue on it. There are green liquid stains around the collar and shoulders of the orange shirt. The shoe’s soles are caked in production materials, and the suit has white pancake makeup residue.

If you ever wanted to have the perfect cosplay as Nicholson’s Joker, and you happen to be his size, this would be such a great addition to your collection. Since the bidding hasn’t started yet we don’t know what it will go for, but if you want to compare it to their other auction pieces… It could go from anywhere between a couple hundred to over one hundred thousand.

View the listing for this auction item here.

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