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First Contact Day- Watch “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” on Paramount+!

April 5th is a special day for “Star Trek” fans. It celebrates First Contact Day, when humans officially meet beings from another world. If you know your Trek lore, it is the day in Bozeman, MT when Zefram Cochrane first passes the warp barrier, attracting the attention of a passing Vulcan ship. The Vulcans, ever curious, descend to Earth and make first contact with a now warp-capable society. (The story is shown in detail in “Star Trek: First Contact.”)

But today, a mere 51 years from when First Contact is said to happen, Paramount+ gifted Trek fans with something special. Many decades in the making, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” official Director’s Edition, restored in glorious 4K and Dolby sound, has been released.

It screened just last night for select audiences. I was lucky enough to attend the showing at the famed Paramount Pictures lot, surrounded by friends I hadn’t seen in 2 and a half years. It was a surreal experience in the best of ways. A celebration of the film, the men and women who’ve spent so much of their lives championing the project, and the ultimate success of seeing it on the big screen in all it’s glory. It is absolutely worth watching. Every bit of it is stunning, breathtaking and inspirational in the all the ways Trek is.

My Enterprise in drydock skirt is by Pop Galaxy Clothing.

As of this morning, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” the director’s edition in 4K joins it’s Roddenberry franchise brethren on Paramount+.

So, please Live Long and Prosper, so we can make it to April 5th, 2063.

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