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Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Store is Live, But There’s a Catch

Earlier this week, the embargo lifted for Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. The fully themed hotel carries a hefty price tag for a 2-day stay, but, the reviews were pretty universally positive. The most common complaint was it felt like 2 days wasn’t enough.

If you’re curious as to what kind of items you’ll be able to purchase once onboard the Starcruiser, we’ve got some good news. The official store is live on ShopDisney. The downside? You can’t actually purchase any of these items UNLESS you have a reservation for the Halcyon.

So, Disney is really going all-in on this being as close to a real cruise experience as possible.

The store includes things like specialty Lekku and Togruta headpieces, costumes, and even beauty products like bubbling face masks.

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Togruta headpiece for Adults
Blue Twi’lek Lekku for adults
Bubble masks
Saber training tunic for adults (also available for kids!)

The mechanic jumpsuit and Halcyon Captain’s uniform jacket are unfortunately ONLY available for kids. They’re both awesome.

Obviously these aren’t all the items you’ll be able to purchase during your stay. We know there is a specialty lightsaber!

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