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15 Best Gaming Bloggers You Need To Follow

In the last few decades, gaming industries have notably advanced and grown. Some fundamental modifications took place such as the arrival of digital realities, sensor-based gaming, and others. Online gaming reputation has also skyrocketed, which now accounts for over 33 billion US Dollars. Like the gaming industry, the casino industry also has grown notably. You can now play the best Roulette games online from the comforts of your home.

If you are interested in video games or memes or the gaming way of life, this article is written completely for you. It focuses on some of the fantastic gaming blogs that provide sharp evaluations on the normal intervals that you can discover are beneficial for being up to date about the industry. So right here are some of the first-class gaming websites or blogs that you can bookmark properly.

Guardian Games Blog

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The Guardian’s Gaming blog and website are very necessary for gaming enthusiasts. It removes the rush for press releases and brings a more balanced approach, providing research, interviews, and viewpoints.


GameSpot is another website for gaming lovers from across the globe. Some people compare Gamespot to Wikipedia. Gamespot is considered as the Wikipedia of gaming.


Unlike other gaming websites and blogs, polygon started straight into the digital environment. Since its launch, it has rapidly risen to fame, all thanks to its star-studded sixteen-person team, including former chief editors and significant contributors.


Their blog and website allow people to comment on each post and are exclusively dedicated to publishing gaming news, commentary, reviews, editorials, guides, and viewpoints.


Yanier Gonzales is the creator of this blog which was started in 2006. Around 50 posts are listed on this blog every day. It has been one of the first to break the news on major news and launches.


You can discover gaming reviews, news, tips, and tons more on this website! Kotaku also discusses gaming hardware, board games, and different things. Kotaku has a YouTube channel, where you can locate opinions of the trendy video games.


It was founded 21 years ago and is now one of the most visited gaming websites. Its primary focus is on video games and the entertainment industry.


If you are a big fan of Nintendo, then this website is just for you. This website included a vast amount of Nintendo merchandise, games, and other stuff.


Out of love for Xbox, Techlucifer was born. It is a paradise for those who love games and want to stay updated.

ILL Gaming

This blogger aims to bring a unified code for diversified gaming globally with thorough in-depth content with unmatched updating.


Markiplier was founded by Hawaiian-born Mark Fischbach, who is now a Californian. He favors the “Let’s Play” type of gaming videos, where he uses the video to document his playthrough of a game. He favors an enthusiastic and uncensored explanation style.

Gaming Box

It has made a considerable impact on the gaming industry. It is a place for hardcore gamers with advanced topics and writing styles.

The Digger

It has made a striking impact on gamers and the gaming industry alike. His articles are truly out of the box, and you can find the latest news on the gaming industry and gadgets on his blog.

Niche Gamer

Brandon Orselli is the one who founded Niche Gamer. He is a real gamer, studies game designing, an activist, and a tech wiz. All types of games are covered in his blog, and a dedicated tech section has also been made that will help you with anything you might need. If you’re into uncommon games, this is the blog to find where you can find more about them.

SOUL Viper

SouL VipeR’s name can be found among the first heroes of the Indian PUBG. It has made some major achievements with its skills and has represented the country in many international PUBG tournaments.

Two-Side Gamers

Cousins Ritik Jain and Jash are the founders of the Two-Side Gamers channel. The game Garena Free is live-streamed every day by them on their channel. It is the first duet gaming channel and the only channel that live-streams this game.

These bloggers are a great inspiration to the next generation of gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Whether you are a gaming geek searching for your next favorite blogger or an ambitious gamer with hopes of becoming the next big thing in the blogging world, the information mentioned above will help you fulfill it.

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