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Why Interac Is The Most Popular Payment Method Accepted In Canadian Casinos

Interac is one of the best and most suitable payment methods being used by Canadian players. Ever since the online casino industry was legalised in the North American country, players are now allowed to create accounts and deposit cash to their most trustworthy online casinos. To target the Canadian market, the online casino industry understands that they need to introduce multiple forms of payment methods to the players while also ensuring that their money and financial data will be safe. This is how Interac entered the conversation and became popular.

Interac is famously known to be an interbank network that functions only in Canada. Through various partnership deals with financial institutions or banks, the company was able to deliver the best payment method to the Canadian market without sharing any financial information of their client to any third parties. How did Interac Casinos in Canada become so popular and is it a safe payment method?

The Popularity Of Interac in Canada

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This digital payment is only exclusive to the Canadian market, which means it can only be found in Canada. Almost every bank in the country along with 500.000 businesses accept Interac as a favourite payment method. Not long after its establishment, Canadian casinos started accepting it as the preferred payment method which continued to see Interac rise in Canada. What are the benefits that come with using Interac?

Instant Transactions

One of the popular reasons Canadians love this payment method is the instant transactions it has to offer. If you want to deposit or withdraw some cash into an online casino, transferring your money with Interac will ensure fast and safe transactions. The deposits will be done almost instantly, so you won’t have to wait a long time before making your wager for an online casino game. It is the same for withdrawing money from your casino account, the longest it will take is 30 minutes if not instantly.

Secure Transactions

All you need to do before you can start transferring your money with Interac is to input your card details as well as pin number, and it is impossible for someone to gain access to your information or falsify your card you gain access to your money. Although the banks will know about the transactions being carried out, Interac still ensures its users maximum level of anonymity as the company will never share your information with any online merchant, or an online casino. 

Low Fees

Another reason for Interac’s quick rise in popularity within the Canadian borders is its transaction fees which are lower than most online payment options offered in online casinos. The total fees being charged in total don’t usually exceed the one dollar mark. Online transactions charges for fees below $35 are around $0.4, and fees above that mark will be below $1. However, if you make an online transaction of over $300, you will be getting a flat fee of $1.80 which is extremely cheap when compared to other popular payment methods being accepted in online casinos. 

This is why Interac became the most popular payment method accepted by online casinos in Canada. As long as you have an email address as well as a bank account in Canada, you can easily withdraw and deposit your cash in an online casino platform easily.

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