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Learn How to Trade through Exness MT4 with TU Recommendations

You want to trade on a fast and reliable exchange platform. Besides, it should be secure and trustworthy. By using the Exness MT4 trading platform, you will be able to trade in a professional atmosphere with the convenience of trading from your smartphone or tablet.

With an experienced 24/7 support team, ready to answer your questions and technical support available round-the-clock for our active traders, the Metatrader 4 platform is best suitable for those who are looking for reliable execution quality, as well as all-day trading capabilities on various international exchanges, like spot markets or Exness’s partners.

Traders Union proves that Metatrader 4 gives you a chance to trade on more than 250 underlying assets, bonds, and stocks from around the world. The platform focuses on ease of use and a user-friendly interface and has a responsive layout compatible with tablets.

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Exness MT4 offers you a diverse range of features and settings, catering to various trader requirements. These features include:

·         Expert Advisors;

·         Charting Tools;

·         Candlesticks Alerts.

Besides, you can use one of the many Indicators available, which are carefully handpicked by our experts in the field of technical analysis.

The most popular trading instrument on Exness is forex (currency pair) with CFDs (contract for difference). The platform offers 100% denominated spreads in all currencies, generated from the trading spread on the Exness exchange. TU proves it’s 100% reliable thanks to the smart approach of Exness MT4 staff members.

Metatrader is a trading platform for investors, regular traders, and day traders, offering advanced trading tools. The platform offers:

·         Customizable MT4 windows;

·         A charting tool;

·         A digital real-time risk management system;

·         A range of indicators to provide its users with all the necessary tools needed for their successful trade execution.

Metatrader 4 has mainly two parts:

The first part is a web-based front end, allowing you to manage your account and view active trades in real-time. In this part, you can also see your MT4 portfolio.

The second part is an application for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, giving a similar view to the current Metatrader 4 interface, including the ability to trade.

Metatrader 4 allows the opening of automated trading functions and is suitable for experienced traders or those who have no experience but want to trade with minimal financial risk.

For a limited time, Metatrader 4 Trading can be executed through by using an affiliate code, which will be given to you if you complete and submit the form on the website. It’s only valid for the first 60 customers who have enrolled in, who henceforth will use this code whenever they trade with 100% commission-free.

The platform has a straightforward trading interface and relies on a drag-and-drop functionality similar to MT5.

In addition to forex trading, Exness MT4 supports other asset classes including stocks and commodities, as well as some leveraged instruments. The platform offers major market indices (US stock indices) along with additional market indicators depending on the period selected.

Technical analysis tools for Metatrader 4 are available in a web-based front end, which allows users to view their positions in real-time and monitor their trades without logging into the platform itself.

Trading platform fees vary depending on the account type and trade type, but, for illustration purposes, we will look at the fees for a standard MT4 account. Standard trading accounts are the most common type of account.

Best execution is provided by Exness that has been ranked as one of the best Forex brokers in the world. Exness not only provides you with competitive spreads and commissions (i.e., a charge made by a broker to its client who trades with it). It also offers 0% loss protection, meaning that customer losses will be refunded up to $1,000 per client per month.

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