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Lisa Frank, BlendJet 2 Team Up for Colorful Personal Blenders!

Ok whoever decided this was a good idea needs to get a raise. Growing up in the 90s, Lisa Frank was all the rage, and people like myself had massive collections. Everything from stickers to notebooks, special tape and pencils- you name it, Lisa Frank made it. Since we’re all adults working mostly 9-5 jobs sitting at a desk…what’s something we need? Personal Blenders! (Okay work with me here.)

All the great features of BlendJet 2 are now available in a colorful new collection designed by Lisa Frank that’s sure to excite millions of fans. The three iconic designs, complete with color-shifting rainbow iridescent jars, deliver vivid color wherever the BlendJet goes–from the kitchen countertop to the mountaintop.

Starting today, the new Lisa Frank collection is available exclusively on Choose from Rainbow Fade, Rainbow Leopard and Tie-Dye–or collect them all!

BlendJet 2 Press Release
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I was able to get one ahead of release to review. And if you know me, you know how awesome I think this is. Not only do I get to relive my youth but I also get to have something useful to take back and forth pretty much anywhere. You’ll notice I even blew up some balloons for pictures because I was so dang excited.

There are personal bags you can get in addition to the blender to tote it around, and it’s small enough to just put in your oversized purse. You could even take these to the gym with you and have your post workout smoothie right after your shower while still enjoying the facilities.

I really can’t get over how pretty this is. It’s even got iridescent plastic so it looks rainbow when you hit it with different lighting. PLUS, it’s rechargeable with a USB cable. So you can totally just plug it in your computer while at work and charge it up wherever you are.

BlendJet 2 not only has these blenders but they also sell smoothie packs and have an entire book of ideas for what you can make. I’ll probably use this for coffee mostly. It’s going to save me a ton of money if I only use it for just that.

The Lisa Frank blenders are available for purchase right now!

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