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Remember “Star Fairies,” a Forgotten Cartoon From 1985?

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you may remember the Tonka toys called Star Fairies. Like any good 80’s toy Star Fairies also had a film made about them with the purpose to sell the toy. Similar to how Hasbro made “My Little Pony: The Movie” in 1986, Tonka was interested in creating their own media that would help bolster their toy sales. Unfortunately “Star Fairies” never took off the way they hoped it would and those who saw the film likely forgot they ever viewed it. I’m convinced that I’m the only one who remembers the animated film “Star Fairies.” But for the sake of my sanity, I’m writing this in hopes that someone, anyone, remembers it along with me.

The Toys

The toys were released in 1983 and consisted of six characters. Sparkle, Whisper, True Love, Spice, Jazz and Nightsong. There was also a castle, a carriage and Pegasus and multiple animal companions that were released alongside them. You could also purchase additional outfits for the dolls.

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“Star Fairies” The Film

The story told in the “Star Fairies” animated film was a simple one. Easy for kids to watch and understand and played on some of the same tropes that other films made in the 80s did. Like the generic evil elves that steal Sparkle’s wand. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Starting off, we get a series of kids all making wishes on a wishing star. Each child wants something that can only be granted by a fairy, who’s job it is to fulfill these wishes. Sparkle (voiced by B.J. Ward) lives up in Castle WishStar. When she starts feeling overwhelmed she asks the Wishing Well (Jonathan Winters) for help. The well tells her to go to Mount Wishmore and wish on a shooting star.

After making a quite elaborate wish on the shooting star she’s gifted with not one helper but five! True Love (Jean Casem), Whisper (Noelle North), Jazz (Susan Blu), Spice (Didi Conn), and Nightsong (Ta-Tanisha).

“I hate my life” after not finding anything good to watch on TV

As they are learning the ropes of how to fulfill wishes they meet a little girl named Hillary who is so bored she cries about it. That little girl was voiced by Drew Barrymore who was just around 12 years old at the time she recorded. The fairies go about their business with helping the kids with their wishes but Hillary can’t think of what would make her happy. Stumped, the fairies head back to the castle where Sparkle has just had her wand stolen by the elves. Not only was her wand taken, but the wishing well was as well!

They all head out on a journey to get the magical items back. This involves meeting with a wizard, riding a unicorn/Pegasus into the place the elves live, disguising themselves as elves and more. They also meet a giant at one point and help a troll who guards the bridge by putting in a toll booth so that he can go live his life. Then after their adventure they say goodbye to Hillary who now has a new outlook on life. She’s not depressed anymore!

Star Fairies wave goodbye

I also want to make a note that the famous Frank Welker voiced the puppy that was given to one of the children. Man I love that guy.


With the film being adapted by Hanna-Barbera in 1985 it ran on television for about a year. It wasn’t until 1986 that Family Home Entertainment (F.H.E.) would release it on Betamax and VHS. Many of these copies were sold straight to video rental stores and if you’re lucky you can find one on Ebay for around $20.

Where Can I Watch This?

Lucky for us you can watch “Star Fairies” in its entirety on YouTube. There are even videos on YouTube of the intro and outro of the video tape that shows off the F.H.E. logo with that sound that increases any 80’s babies serotonin levels. There are also previews for things like “Strawberry Shortcake: Pet’s on Parade” and “Pound Puppies.”

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