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How To Promote Your Business With Instagram Marketing

Social networks help to make a business more successful and sustainable, allowing it to scale quickly and easily. The market is constantly changing and in marketing new trends are emerging.  In traffic arbitrage, search advertisements and targeting used to be solid and reliable. Over time, current tools became difficult to scale. Paid advertising is reliable, but the leads come colder, and they are expensive to get because of competition. Many entrepreneurs work on increasing the client base. Now banner blindness is developed, people receive a lot of promotional emails and don’t take them seriously.

Unlike cold advertisements, where people understand that you are buying their attention, there is another alternative when people themselves follow you, perceive you as an authority and a person who can be trusted. Now it’s important to build a personal brand as the social media traffic is much warmer and much more convertible.

How to create correct positioning through content?

You can buy advertisements from the best bloggers and people will visit your page, but won’t remain there. The price of a lead and the effectiveness of the advertisements will vary depending on the quality of your content.

The correct positioning of your account answers the question, why people should read your blog in the ocean of information noise. Nobody wants to be aware of your life, there must be a reason. To become influential at the level of a large audience, you need to become an expert in your niche. 

Textual content should be simple, helpful, and engaging. It is important to maintain the correct ratio. Don’t overload your audience with selling and useful content. In the information age, there is a lot of information that can be obtained in the public domain. Your blog should be dominated by content passed through the prism of your experience: attitude to some kind of event, evaluation of some information, your recommendations.

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Instagram works with the following algorithm: if you are liked, commented on, then you are at the top, appear in recommendations and grow organically, so some of the posts should be aimed at involvement. At the first stages of promotion, you can quickly raise the activity and buy Instagram likes, comments. Ask people to share their opinions, provoke discussion and make contests. About people, we value what we have invested in, and clients also value you if they can participate in your product, feel involved and be like the co-authors of your blog.  An important category of posts is inspiration. People go to Instagram to see personality and informal relationships. 

How to build sales on Instagram?

Don’t make direct sales, but engage gradually. First, actualize the theme and aggravate the problem. Show the initial developments of your product. The audience perceives this as a series and expects to continue. Next, make an offer limited in time. This will not be perceived as a sale, but a story of your life.

Follow the correct post structure. Make a provocative headline to attract attention. At the post end, make questions and stimulate interaction. To make your post attractive, create social proof and buy real Instagram likes, comments, subscribers.

The Instagram algorithm promotes aesthetic photos that are taken with high quality, with the right light. When you have nice visual content and good texts, you can set up the traffic. In this case, leads will cost less and stay for the long term. The most popular method of attracting an audience is advertising from bloggers. If you do not want to waste time analyzing bloggers, delegate to managers or use the special programs. The audience perceives bloggers’ messages as a warm recommendation, so they have better lead conversion. With the right use of giveaways, you can get cheap subscribers and your brand becomes recognizable. To keep statistics from falling, you need to carry out activities. If you can make interesting content, you’ll have a small amount of unsubscribers.

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