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Top 5 Batman Themed Online Slots

When a bat signal appears above the ever-cloudy sky of Gotham City, it means only one thing – a call for the Dark Knight. A man under a black cloak with a bat mask suddenly appears on the roof of the police station, from where the signal is transmitted. If Commissioner Jim Gordon is on the roof, he will light a cigarette and move on. And the adventure would begin. So for 80 years. Batman, one of the most famous superheroes in the world, is celebrating his 80th birthday and goes far beyond pop-cultural frameworks. Movies, comics, and TV shows, but what about online casinos? Find out more about Batman themed online slot games and what to expect from them when entering a casino.

Batman Slot Game

The first thing you think of Batman themed games is the one named so simply and understandable. Under the hood, we have a complex combination of elements brought together by Amaya. The provider was famous for production of slots inspired by Marvel, but this journey to the world of DC Comics was actually so fruitful that they considered switching sides. Also, games from this studio are renowned for allowing swift transactions. You can always read reviews of options for the best online casino Australia fast payouts and compare them on your own.

Visually, the slot faithfully represents comic books’ scenery and sets the stage into the darkest corners of Gotham City. Players can hope for a static jackpot of $80.000 and a bit smaller prize of 2.000 coins for the Joker or 200 coins for Commissioner Gordon. Interestingly, Batman is not a bonus feature in this game, but can always play a move or two to turn into a Wild.

Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune Slot

Designed by Playtech, this is a progressive jackpot slot with 1.024 ways to get you paid. The story revolves around Batman’s mortal enemy Mr. Freeze, a hugely popular character in the 1960s tv series. The reel setting is designed accordingly, so you will encounter a series of retro styled elements enriched by modern perks.

The slot can be played from as little as $1 all the way up to $5.000 per spin. The golden rule “higher bets mean higher jackpots” always stands in this game. But from the players’ experience, one of the best game formats is the 10 dollar deposit casinos, because thanks to such a deposit the ratio of risks to the chances of winning a progressive jackpot is the best. Speaking of which, here they are connected to the DC Super Heroes jackpot network and any random event on any single hand can trigger a progressive cash prize.

The Batman vs Mr. Freeze free games feature is another pinnacle of this slot machine. Players will additionally benefit from Mr. Freeze symbols transformation, win multipliers between 3x and 10x, multiplier wilds, and a bonus setting of 2.400 paylines.

Batman Begins Slot

In the movie, the famous director Christopher Nolan explores the origins of the legendary Capped Crusader. After the murder of his parents, the disappointed heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world looking for means – ways to fight injustice, and to turn fear against those who sow fear around. With the help of his loyal butler Alfred (Michael Kane), Detective Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and his ally Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Wayne returns to Gotham City and unleashes his alter ego. While reading the brief history of anime, we found similar motifs that interfere with the Batman theme, so it’s a challenge to figure out which one is more original.

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This is surely one of the best Batman slots when considering the background story, visual effects, and gaming experience. Once again, Playtech did a good job when dealing with a sensitive subject and created a game to enjoy. You will get a 5-reel 20-payline setting and a chance to bet and play across multiple devices.

Symbols on the reels faithfully represent the movie’s main characters adding Ra’s Al Ghul and Scarecrow as rewarding villains. You will play Batman and travel through five stages to fill the meter and scoop the big win on each passage. Everything starts from The Temple, goes to The Wayne Manor and The Batcave to The Arkham Asylum and finishes with The Monorail. At each stage, it is possible to trigger a progressive jackpot while the likes of Flower Wilds, Petro Wilds, shifting Batmobile Wilds, and multiplying Bat-Signal Wild can boost the base prize up to 50x. 

Batman & Catwoman Cash Slot

Bringing two superheroes in a grand fashion, Playtech continues to work on the franchise and introduce all characters from the universe into a slot game. This is a fun-filled slot adventure with a unique and eye-catching visual appearance. Symbols on the reels are a true homage to the Pop Art era and represent protagonists along with Robin, Batcopter, and a couple of other icons closely related to the main story.

Being connected to the Playtech progressives network, the game has a bit higher volatility and is recommended to more experienced gamers. Still, even a newbie can try to win real money as smaller wins seem to occur frequently. The slot is jam-packed with bonus features including the Cat Burglar Bonus with an instant cash prize. Also, the free spins mode lets you choose the character to be playing with. This further determines the number of extra spins and a reel modifier value. Finally, a mini pick-me game determines whether you will scoop the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpots.

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Slot

Themed slots featuring both of the most popular and powerful superheroes ever? Is such a game even possible? Fearing that no one is watching the godly superhero, the intimidating and powerful protector of Gotham City comes into conflict with his favorite savior from Metropolis, while the world is tormented by questions about what kind of hero he really needs. Batman and Superman are at war with each other, so a new threat soon appears, putting humanity in a danger it has never seen before.

In the casino game, Batman clashes against the Man of Steel to initiate Dawn of Justice Free Rounds, where Wonder Woman can initiate the Doomsday Wild stack and turn the reels into Wilds. Batman is the highest-paying icon and features some bonus spins if landed on the setting. As a random event in the game, 1 out of 4 progressives may appear. This is why you should play it for real.


In these eighty years, Batman has moved from comics to cartoons, movies and feature films, slot machines, books, and theater plays. During that time, the Dark Knight traveled through time – in both directions – changed several of Robin’s comrades-in-arms, became a father, and recently got married, no less than with Catwoman. And yes, he saved the world along the way. Several hundred times. Apparently, there are many more adventures to follow. As the superhero theme is currently at the peak of its popularity, film studios and publishing houses such as Playtech will continue to create stories for various media. Of course, more new video slots, animated films, and members of the Batman slot machine family are coming.

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