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A Guide to Making Eye-Catching Videos for Every Beginner

The science and technology of video production are constantly evolving as this article is written, but the goal is to educate how to generate notable videos as a novice.

Think – What Comes First

What Topic Do You Want to Create the Video On?

Do you wish to share your work or passion? Or do you want to create a video around what you think will interest others? If you want more people to discover your topic, you need to create eye-catching videos consistently. That requires clarity.

  • What is it that you want to talk about?
  • Who are your viewers?
  • How will your video add any value?

Your content has to be of interest, and it should be SEO optimized. Have content focused on specific topics or niche ones, making it more searchable by the right audience. It should answer questions in the minds of the potential audience.

Decide what tone to use in both audio and video – do you want to be funny and charismatic or informative and severe? Remember, you need to focus on the viewers and not on yourself. You can make quality videos with the help of an online video editor.

So, Who Are Your Viewers?

Knowing it will guide all your decisions about the making of the video. Before you start working on your script or storyboard, you need to know that. Dig as deep as possible to get your answers, and that will be your guide.

Narrow Your Focus

Once you get a good sense of your audience, you know half of what you need to create content. When you start, it is best to have your viewers as niche as possible to build interest once you amplify that.You can also make instagram videos and learn how to grow your small business with instagram marketing.

Don’t Wait to Be Perfect. Just Start. Simple

Don’t wonder about engaging massive viewers right at the beginning. That will happen. Practice will make perfect. Besides, with experience, you can later tweak the videos. Just be certain it achieves its goals and does not have incorrect information. Don’t limit yourself to being perfect.

Ensure One Can Find Your Video With Minimal Search

Search Engine Optimization should be considered while creating the video. When you come up with an idea about content, do a quick search to see what comes back. That will give you an idea about whether your video will be useful and popular.

Here are some basics you will need to create eye-catching videos.

  1. Microphone – microphone improves the overall quality of the video instantly. A decent mike can be fairly inexpensive but is worth all the money.
  2. Screen Recorder and Video Editor – you need to pick a tool with built-in recording, editing, and sharing features. At the stage when you choose screen-recording software, pick a tool with built-in recording, editing, and sharing features. Try an online video editor such as InVideo as it allows you to create high-quality videos. 
  3. Lighting – Ensure there is adequate video lighting as that makes a lot of difference in the overall quality. This is true for both camera video and webcams. Lighting improves the entire look. Invest in lighting. Even a very basic set can help create videos that look great.
  4. Camera or Webcam – These can be expensive. In its place, if you bought an external webcam, it can be a relatively cheaper option to make a significant improvement in video quality. Built-in ones are quite low in quality. While it’s great to have high-end equipment which produces better quality video, they are quite complex to run and not advised for beginners.
  5. Write a Script or Outline – You can decide whether a script needs formal or casual. Either way, it is a great help to stay focused. Plan the visuals that you have planned with the lines readout. Just a simple outline will help you navigate through your ideas and visuals.
  6. Avoid Clutter – Don’t have too much clutter, both on and off-screen. On-screen clutter will distract viewers, and off-screen will distract you. Make sure your environment is clean and tidy. If you plan to get shots of yourself, you need to check that what can be seen on screen is clean and clutter-free. A light single-color wall is ideal. Avoid fumbling through apps and programs – show only what you want to be shown.
  7. Position Yourself and Your Camera Right – use the light in the room appropriately and ensure enhanced lighting. Don’t lose control of the amount of light you need. Keep the webcam or camera at eye level.
  8. Customize Your Settings – Choose to record the full screen. Next, you should choose other inputs to record along with the screen. You have a webcam, microphone audio, and system audio, among the options.
  9. Record Your Desktop as you walk through your script. Click the Record button at the top of the tools panel to start a recording. It should be set to capture everything that happens on your screen.

     10. Finally, click ‘Start Recording’ to begin.

Keep Going!
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  1. Finish Recording

How to Edit Your Video

This is the most fun part of the entire process. It is also the most time-consuming. For a beginner, this can be daunting. Here are a few simple things you can do:

Trim Mistakes and Use Cuts

We frequently add a few seconds to the beginning and finish of a recording. Drag the end of the clip “in” to delete the additional stuff. Trimming is the term for this. If you accidentally cut too much off your video, you may restore it by dragging the video clip back. Don’t be nervous – your edits will not affect your original recording.

Add Titles and Annotations

Increase the polish, help your videos look professional by adding eye-catching titles, effects, etc. You can click and drag them from the tools panel to the canvas.

Add Simple Intro

Adding it leads viewers to the content, mentally preparing them. Keep them simple and precise, leading viewers to the core content. 

Create Lower-Thirds

A lower-third (called chyron) is placed on the screen’s lower third portion (usually to the right or left). It provides information like name, place, etc. Make sure they do not cover the visuals.

Add Music

Choose the right music – that’s usually more time-consuming than the actual work. You can choose from a plethora of royalty-free music sites. If not free, it’s usually inexpensive. Ensure your music does not overpower your voice-over

Pay Attention to Good Audio and Voice Over

Poor audio can destroy your video. There are programs available that can transcribe voices as you speak. You can edit audio just like you edit text. Pay a lot of attention to the final edits. Focus on the sound. 

At the editing table, keep the content concise. Ensure there is a smooth, consistent flow of fonts, colors, and tone of music all through the video

Upload to YouTube

Uploading is simple. Most software to create videos will have the option to share directly from within the product. In the case of YouTube, you’ll just have to log into YouTube and connect your YouTube account to that of the product. You can also learn about youtube to mp3 converters.

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