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We Tried Little Spoon Baby & Kids Food Delivery, We’re Obsessed!

A parent’s job is tough. Not only do you have to keep your little monster alive, but you have to feed them a nutritious meal on top of that. Sometimes things can slip through the cracks and you don’t have time to do all you wanted for them. Sometimes it’s a slew of Mac & Cheese nights because you’re working from home or going to school part-time. For me it was a mix of having to work and my husband being at school pursuing his masters degree. While I try to feed my kids balanced meals, more often than I’d like to admit I was giving in to just feeding them whatever I could prepare fast. It wasn’t until I was able to try Little Spoon that I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Disclaimer, they did send me it to try for free at first but I liked it so much from just the first few days of trying it that I’m now a full fledged subscriber. I’ll go into the details about how the program works later on and there will be a special Black Friday code at the end.

Receiving the Package

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the insulation and how cold everything was. They even added a cool lunchbox that would keep them the perfect temperature if we had to travel anywhere. They gave me 12 plates to start with and so far my child has liked every single thing. It’s been a crazy and amazing experience. OH! And it stays fresh in the refrigerator 14 days and 3 months in the freezer.

About The Food

No guilt for what your feeding the kids will come from this! Little Spoon offers some amazing features when it comes to food. First of all it’s ALL organic! They pride themselves on using non-genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients. All animals if used are sourced from humanely raised livestock and contain no hormones or antibiotics. They offer meals that are allergen free, vegetarian, dairy free and even gluten free. The meals are nutritionally balanced to ensure a happy healthy kid.

Easy to Prepare and Serve

Each meal takes about a minute and thirty seconds to cook. You wait an additional 30 seconds to remove the film and you’re ready to go. The plates don’t get hot and they are also reusable so don’t throw them away!

Little Spoon Promotes Baby-Led Weaning

With Baby-Led weaning you let the kids do all the work. You may want to help them a little with a spoon or a fork but you don’t have to do much else. It’s meant for them to dive right into the texture and embrace the food. Little Spoon is so easy to prepare since it’s all pre-made that you can literally just dump the food on the tray and let them go at it. And since it’s on their terms they tend to eat more than they would if you were feeding them. In my experience my toddler likes to play the game where she turns her head away from the spoon even when she can still eat. She thinks it’s funny, I don’t.

Keep Going!
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Baby-Led weaning can be started at any time. For more information about that here.

Plates Made To Reuse!

You can use them for meals that you cook outside the ones they send you. They are completely reusable, recyclable, top rack dishwasher safe and BPA/BPS-free. On top of all that Little Spoon is going to start a plate recycling program so we’re saving ours for when that happens. Until then, we’re using them in our food truck toy and just playing with them.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe you can go to the Little Spoon Website and choose your plan. Depending on what plan you choose you can get complete meals for toddlers and kids, 4–12 meals per week. They ship out two weeks worth of food at a time so be prepared to accommodate what you’ll be receiving in your freezer. I’ve chosen the 12 meals a week plan so 24 each delivery. We’re going to invest in a separate cooler so that we have the space for all that deliciousness when it arrives.

How to Order Upcoming Deliveries

After you sign up you will be able to log in. You can create a profile for each child if you have more than one and order accordingly. Not only do they have plates but they also offer sauces and boosters. Boosters are add-ons that are designed with carefully sourced vitamins, minerals, probiotics and non-GMO, organic fruits & vegetables. They are portioned so that you can just add it to their meals and give them that extra oomph of nutritional goodness.

They will let you alter upcoming orders as far as two months out. Sometimes they are low on an ingredient so they will want you to choose a different plate. In that case you just have to log in and go to the modify option and pick a different one that your little one will love. They even have a cool filtering system that you can use so that you make sure you don’t accidentally get anything your little one may be allergic to.

After that you sit back and wait for delivery! It’s so easy and as a mom it’s made me worry less about how my kid is eating and given me more time to play with them when I do have free time.

Here’s That Coupon Code!

Here is the coupon code I promised. In order to receive a great discount enter BLACKFRIDAY4LIFE. I promise that you will love this service if you’re a busy parent. And the kids will love it too! Expires: 11/29/2021

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