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What Is A Case Opening In CSGO?​

Bonuses are a common thing in computer games. There are such things in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game, too, and they are called “cases” — special gifts that drop out at the end of the game. The cases contain an exclusive type of weapon and some nice additional bonuses, so you should definitely hunt for these cases!

To open them, you need a key, and there is a special key for each type of case. Of course, you can buy any of these guns, skins, and stickers on the trading platform, but there are some better ways to get these items or increase your opening cases skills. First, these weapons can cost much more than the price of the key itself. Secondly, you can practice opening cases using a good CS:GO case opening simulator — this is a perfect opportunity to try your luck and a chance to get several unique skins and other items for free or for a little money.

What are CS:GO cases?

Case (case) is a specific type of box. By opening it, you get various items, such as, for example, skins, that can change the appearance of your character, weapons, or other stuff.

There are three main types of CS:GO cases:

  • Black or Classic cases that were released by Valve and contain skins created by Valve’s designers.
  • ESports cases that you can open with an eSports key. The part of the money from selling keys goes to the prize pools of competitive CS:GO championships.
  • Yellow or Community cases contain skins created by the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community, part of the money goes to support their creators.

How to get CSGO cases?

There are several ways to get cases:

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  • Getting fully involved in the gameplay. If you play on a secure VAC server, then you are guaranteed to get one or two cases dropped per week. Typically, cases drop at the end of the match. The drop timer resets every Thursday.
  • Playing special missions. A weapon case can be obtained as a reward for completing such a mission.
  • Viewing matches and broadcasts. Alternatively, you can exchange points earned for watching matches and broadcasts for cases.
  • Buy or exchange cases — for example, on the Skinwallet Market. Before buying or selling a case, you should check some analytics — the information about the time of the last transaction on a specific item, price changes over 3 months, half a year, or even a year. 

It will help you build a sales strategy correctly and get some profit. When trading with other players, be prepared for the fact that the deal may fall through. Therefore, it is much more profitable to trade with bots on trusted sites.

What is a CS:GO case simulator and why you may need it

You can open CS:GO cases for free: and there are special CS:GO case opening simulators for that. They allow any gamer to open cases without spending money.

It is a good idea to try one because it will quickly give you a clue on how this mechanism works in a CS:GO game without putting any effort into it.

There are several types of such simulators: 

  • PC version: you just have to download the software to your computer. They are installed in the same way as any other program. The most important advantages of PC emulators are that they work stable and are free to use. You can also find statistics on open cases there;
  • mobile simulators: these mobile applications available for Android and IOS have been created for your convenience; they allow you to test your luck and find out how this scheme works from everywhere. You can use them offline, they work stable and are free, too.
  • Finally, online simulators are, maybe, the most convenient and commonly used type. You don’t need to download anything to open the cases and do everything right in your browser. They have a more extensive list of useful features than the two previous types; they completely copy and reproduce real unpacked cases – everything looks exactly the same as on Steam.

Benefits of simulators

  • Great choice: there are a lot of free online simulators, and there are many of them that you can use to start opening cases right away without any investments.
  • Programs perfectly copy the real process of opening cases in Counter Strike: Global Offensive game. That allows you to train in opening cases and know for sure that you will be able to use your experience in the real gameplay. Some simulators have such useful functions as a counter of money spent, a counter of items that you received, as well as the ability to reset statistics and start over.
  • Security. Using a reliable simulator, you can be sure that your rights are protected! These websites do not ask for data from your Steam account, so it is safe and hackers will not be able to access it.
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