Silicone Game Controller Teething Toys are Coming from Baby Glitch!

Calling all gamer parents! Baby Glitch is here to keep your kids’ teething period on brand with your nerdy parenting. If you’re not a parent, they work great as a fidget toy to keep your hands busy and your mind focused. 

The company is launching a line of silicone game controllers. There will be five versions of the toy, each fashioned after a different gaming system. 

These would make a great baby shower gift or stocking stuffer for older kids (and adults)!

Baby Glitch controllers launch this month on October 27. Join the launch list here to make sure you don’t miss out one these awesome silicone toys!

PS I Love You

This one features four poppable buttons, a solid D-pad, and two pressable analog sticks. There is a slot to attach a clip, if using it as a children’s toy. It will come in 3 colors including arctic white, lava red, and slate.

Super Glitch

This one comes in a beautiful cream color with coral accents. It has 4 poppable buttons and a solid d-pad.

The One

This Baby Glitch controller has 4 poppable buttons, two moving analog sticks, and a solid d-pad. It will be available in slate, arctic white, and lava red.

Revolution (AKA Lakitu)

Six poppable buttons makes this one more interactive than the others. It also has a moving analog stick and a pressable d-pad. Its three longer handles make this a perfect choice for your teething baby. The Revolution Baby Glitch is currently only being shown in the slate color.

New Gen

Changing the color palette, the New Gen controller comes in a vibrant baby blue with white accents. It features three popping buttons and a large d-pad for added texture.

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