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Leicester Square to Host Wand Display for “Harry Potter” 20th Anniversary

Muggles, Mudbloods, and Wizards rejoice! England is set to host a massive wand display in Leicester Square to commemorate the 20th anniversary release of “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.” Yes, I used the original title seeing as how we’re talking about a wand display in the Old Country where the series originated. The display has 9 15 ft tall wands that line the walkway through the square center, and will be illuminated daily from 6pm-8:35pm October 13-25th. The wands are exact replicas of some of the most popular characters from both “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts,” and will line the already existing Potter statues that line the square as well.

Leicester Square has long been a staple of the Wizarding World, featuring the aforementioned bronze statues of characters from the beloved story as well as regularly featuring Scenes from the Square, a free display open to the public. The illuminating wand display also coincides with the rerelease of “The Philospher’s Stone” set to hit cinemas on October 29th 2021, another way of honoring the 20th anniversary of the hit film series.

*** FREE FOR EDITORIAL USE *** The Harry Potter statue in Leicester Square is illuminated as part of the Inside Out Festival and in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film. Next Wednesday he will be joined by nine giant Wizarding World wands, which will grace Leicester Square gardens for two weeks from October 13th to 26th.
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“Leicester Square itself has played its part in the Wizarding World legacy by hosting premieres for the Harry Potter and “Fantastic Beasts” films over two decades,” said Polly Cochrane, newly appointed Country Manager for Warner Bros., “So we are delighted to bring the wands here for fans to enjoy.”

In world that seems shrouded in darkness, a 9 ft tall wand with a little Lumos illumination in Leicester Square is exactly what we need right now.

Now who wants to pay for my trip to London to see the display in person? For research purposes.

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