The Perfect Gift for Friends Who Always End Up in Facebook Jail

Facebook has a tricky algorithm to begin with, and some things they just don’t let you say. I’ve seen things from friends who’ve gotten warnings about hinting that they were a 400 year old vampire, to people who say things about men or women jokingly and get penalized. The worst ones are when you’re trying to give feedback on an AITA post and they flag you for “going against our community standards.”

But, there IS a gift that you can now give that special someone who always seems to be switching platforms to talk and post on. Those who’ve been locked in Facebook jail seemingly forever can have a good holiday reminder of the hilarity of the situation. Because there is now a very special ornament you can get them so they can remember all the times they served in isolation.

Because isn’t Facebook jail just like a toddler’s time out? Or grounding a teen from using social media?

HarperGrayCo on Etsy has this really cute ornament that has the Facebook Logo, Jail bars and the date. I’m pretty sure that you can customize it if there is a special date that means something to you but the standard ones have 2021. This Christmas give them a laugh and send them one of these to hang on the tree.

You can check out the listing here. If you order soon you should be able to get one by Christmas.