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Reinvention of the Legal System Through LMS

In this era of eLearning and the increasing acceptance of learning management systems, there is possibly no sector that hasn’t been touched by these including the Law and legal system. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small or big legal office, you still have to handle a dozen attorneys and employees. The constant hustle in the legal offices sometimes makes it difficult to train all the employees as per their individual needs. The rigidity and genericness of traditional learning falls short in catering to the unique needs of every learner as such courses are not tailored that way. Doesn’t matter how much good traditional face-to-face training you provide your employees, there is just no way to understand and ensure if there is any progress and the learners are benefiting from it. 

Thus, eLearning through learning management systems comes as a saviour for such a situation. Such systems are a good option to not just train the employees of your law firm but also track their progress to make sure that things are happening and they are at least aware of certain current regulatory topics. eLearning is the ultimate solution for it as it has the tools to ensure learning and development through carefully tailored content without spending a lot of unnecessary money. 

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 Here’s how reinvention of legal system is possible through learning management systems;

Prioritize training

Legal offices, big or small, are busy. The daily hustle and the pace of work in legal offices makes it pretty difficult to actually train employees and cater to their exact needs of learning. However, the training that is given through LMSs has the potential to completely change this scenario and shatters the vicious cycle of under-trained employees and chaotic work environments. Learning management systems give you the options to organize your courses and your overall training strategies with ease. With an LMS you can finally prioritize your employee training programs without letting it interfere with other important things in your legal firm. 

Monitoring training and tracking progress 

Only training employees and hoping that they benefit from the information simply pushed at them does not really do any good as human beings tend to forget a lot of information. So, monitoring the employees’ training and tracking their progress becomes very important. Here’s where traditional training falls short as it is not quantifiable and cannot be exactly measured and tracked. Meanwhile, learning management systems offer you tools to monitor training, quantify the progress and track it to understand which learner needs a little more help than the other. The tracking also ensures that all the learners are getting their personal learning needs catered and thus benefiting precisely from what is being taught. 

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Highly customizable tailored courses 

Every learner is unique and has a very unique pattern of learning which is why the majority of ‘generic’ training programs fail to do any good. When a learning system is not flexible enough to be customized, the individual learning needs aren’t catered. A learning management system provides the tools and methods to create highly customized and individually tailored courses that cater to the exact needs of the learner. The progress tracked data can also be used to the exact requirements and needs. 

Mobile Compatibility

What’s better than an employee training software? A mobile employee training software. If you want to give your learners the benefit of convenience, some LMSs do give mobile device compatibility. When the training does not feel like a compulsion but rather something that excites the learner while also not compromising with the quality of content or their convenience, the learning becomes more interest based. Such interest based learning helps with retention of memory and implementation of the training onto practical situations. Mobile compatibility of the LMS gives it the capability to be supported on a variety of devices including laptops, ipads and smartphones and gives the learner the benefit of learning on the go. 


The inherent potential that learning management systems hold has the capability to revolutionize the whole legal system through better training and more enthusiastic learning that isn’t just cost effective but also very fast, precise, and convenient. 

Accord LMS features all the tools to accommodate such revolutionary techniques of learning. It offers tools to create courses and strategies that are more learner centric. It also offers options to track progress of the learners and assign mobile compatible courses that can be taken anywhere at any time. 

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